World’s largest functioning model of the brain


Neuroscientists and software engineers from Canada’s University of Waterloo has built the world’s largest simulation of a functioning brain. This brain works on a super computer and can pass a basic IQ test. It can also be fitted with a digital eye and an robotic arm. This intelligent brain has been named as Spaun (Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network). It consists of 2.5 million simulated neurons. The model captures biological details of each neuron, including which neurotransmitters are used, how voltages are generated in the cell, and how they communicate. Spaun uses this network of neurons to process visual images in order to control an arm that draws Spaun’s answers to perceptual, cognitive and motor tasks.

“This is the first model that begins to get at how our brains can perform a wide variety of tasks in a flexible manner—how the brain coordinates the flow of information between different areas to exhibit complex behaviour,” said Professor Chris Eliasmith, Director of the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience at Waterloo. He is Canada Research Chair in Theoretical Neuroscience, and professor in Waterloo’s Department of Philosophy and Department of Systems Design Engineering.

Now we are waiting to unleash humans as super-humans, lets see you try to transplant this brain. And prove that what these guys report is true. Aliens?? You reading this?

News Source: University of Waterloo

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