World Chocolate Day: Forget love, fall in chocolate!


Crisp Corner for Dark Chocolate Cake (Rs. 250pound)

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with SouLSteer as we find out the best places to satisfy your chocolate needs!

If you’re a chocoholic, then September 4 is the time to celebrate as it’s deliciously the World Chocolate Day. “Chocolate has been with us from the Roman times, its gives sensuality to a dish and a huge bump to our senses. You have to be a big connoisseur of chocolate to feel its oomph” conveys Nishesh Seth, Executive Chef of Hotel Usha Kiran Palace as he serves Hot Chocolate Fudge. It’s made up of chocolate sponge, chocolate premix along with chocolate syrup.

Hotel Usha Kiran Palace for Hot Chocolate Fudge (Rs. 295) (2)

Consuming chocolate cake as element of a complete breakfast can help you lose weight, say scientists. For that evidence you can reach Crisp Corner for the Dark Chocolate Cake presented with chocolate transfer sheets and icing fondant. “It’s our high demanding product and is adored by all. A chunky slice of chocolate cake in the morning, when your metabolism is in full flight, naturally, you will lose weight” says, Sameer Olyai, Director of Crisp Corner.

Dripped with heavy chocolate ice-cream, choco chips, biscuits and fresh fruits, Monica Ice Cream Parlour serves Chocolate Heaven. “It’s been 13 years I am doing this business, earlier students use to prefer chocolate but nowadays it’s an everyone’s choice. We sell about 25 litre of chocolate every day” adds Director of Monica Ice-creams, Manmindar Singh Dawar. The ice cream parlour sells over 35 sundaes per day and from the menu of 30 different types of sundaes.

Hotel Central Park for Belgium Hot Chocolate (Rs. 175) (2)

Originating from Belgium Chocolate, Yash Thakur, Executive Chef of Hotel Central Park presents Belgium Hot Chocolate Pudding. “It takes about 15 min to make this cuisine. We also have chocolate muffing, chocolate mousse pudding etc. in our menu for the chocolate fans” he said. Chocolate consumption restricts overeating and food appetite which helps you in a weight loss. It can also come as sweet news for Diabetic patients as dark chocolate reduces insulin and can be replaced with sugar. Chef Surendra Sharma of Landmark serves Chocolate Rasgulla which is being sold around 30 pieces per day. “Other dishes like Chocolate Cassata, Chocolate Burfi, Chocolate Roll as also loved by our customers in our menu” he said. There is also a tempting brownie finished with a scoop of chocolate ice cream dripped in chocolate sauce called Dark Passion at Café Coffee Day which cannot be missed easily. Surely, this Chocolate Day trade is purely pre-Valentine’s Day monetary hype, but we’ll take it as a privilege to live a chocolate fantasy for a day.

Chocolate Day Hit-List:

  • Hotel Usha Kiran Palace for Hot Chocolate Fudge (Rs. 295)
  • Crisp Corner for Dark Chocolate Cake (Rs. 250/pound)
  • Monica Ice Cream Parlour for Chocolate Heaven (Rs. 90)
  • Hotel Central Park for Belgium Hot Chocolate (Rs. 175)
  • Hotel Landmark for Chocolate Rasgulla (Rs. 110)
  • Café Coffee Day for Dark Passion (Rs. 112)

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