Win BlackBerry Curve by ordering The Justified Sin by Harpreet Makkar


Win BlackBerry Curve by ordering The Justified Sin by Harpreet Makkar

The Justified Sin which is going to get released on 15th November and is accompanied with a contest. The contest began on 5th November and will end on 15th November 2013. The contest is open for last 3 days and you can win prices like BlackBerry Curve. If not the BlackBerry, you can win author signed copies and also other splendid merchandises.

It is a simple contest in which all you have to do is order the book from an online book seller like,, and  You will then have to notify Author’s Empire Publications Pvt. Ltd. about your purchase order and send the bill as a proof of purchase.

Also you have to send your personal details like your name, address, contact number and your email id, order number and also from which online seller you purchased the book to either the official Facebook page of The Justified Sin ( or Author’s Empire ( If you have any query, you can mail them at

The Justified Sin is the debut novel of Harpreet Makkar who has worked in a top MNC in Bangalore but left the lure of a corporate world, to work for his father. He then realised that his calling was a more creative one than that of business.  He has penned many stories, but they never made it to the hands of anybody. This is Harpreet’s first book that makes to the publishing world.

It is a story of Jay, who has women in his life but he never found love. When he did, it was never returned. It was either his bad luck or sins that could be justified that made his story that of heart break rather of love. Harpreet Makkar has tried to keep the book simple and make it for everyone. It has a story to capture the youth as well as a catchy title and a blurb that makes you charmed till the very end.

The Justified Sin is worth purchasing and with that you get a chance to win a BlackBerry Curve and other fascinating merchandise including author signed books, goodies etc. You are just a click away from a good reading experience and wining some great prices.

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