We are Lucky that we are in Gwalior admits students


We are Lucky that we are in Gwalior admits students

As the state of Assam is burning in fire of violence and now this fire is catching up in other states like Karnatka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra etc. The worst part is that north-eastern people staying in these states are getting continuous threats to leave these respective states, but more than 300 students of north-east are staying in Gwalior and according to them they are lucky that they are staying here as the city has a friendly and healthy environment and they feel like they are at home.

Students said that they are very happy that they are inside the safe boundaries of this beautiful city. They also added that till now they haven’t got any message that shook them or threaten them in fact the people over here are very friendly and protective too. City has a very strong sports background with excellent academies and universities, people of Gwalior are different from other states and they always supported outsider students.

Suman a hockey player from Manipur residing in Gwalior from past one and a half year said that this city has given a lot and it doesn’t feel that we are in some other state as the city gives a very homely feeling and people are very supportive. Another student from Mizoram Ramghai Jwali studying in Gwalior said that it’s been a long time since she came to this city and she was overwhelmed to see the friendly behavior of the people of Gwalior. She also added even when they go out to roam around in the city there is no sign of threat and people are  always ready to come forward for help if in need.

News Credit: Nitin Konde


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