Vote for me, I’ll give you security and development: Ashok Singh


Vote for me, I'll give you security and development Ashok Singh (10)

Congress Lok Sabha candidate Ashok Singh today went to the city’s main markets for election campaign and citizens welcomes him warmly. He was welcomed with flowers, band and fireworks and everyone promised to support him. On this occasion, Singh said to people that Gwalior is a city of brotherhood and he gave confidence to traders he will always look for security and development for them.

Congress candidate started his campaign from Naya Bazar Crossing (welcomed by Dr. Raghunath Rao Paprikar, Krishna Das Garg), Daulatganj (welcomed by Raju Seth), Gorkhi (welcomed by Bharat Ratnakar), Maharaj Bada (welcomed by Shammi Sharma, Anil Sankhla, Mohan Maheshwari), Naza Bag (Welcomed by Suresh Bansal), Topi Bazar (Welcomed by Kailash Gupta), Gasht ka Tazia (Welcomed by Ajab Singh Chauhan), Phalka Bazar (Welcomed by Sharad Sahu), Chappa wala pul (Welcomed by Santosh Sharma, Radhelal Dehal).

When Singh reached to village Patwari he was weighed by Laddus and he was gifted Rs. 51,000 by Baghel community.



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