Volvo ejects car-enveloping air technology


Volvo ejects car-enveloping air technology

Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) is known all around the world as the undisputed car industry leader in terms of automobile safety. Today, the company unveils another world premiere with the External Vehicle Protection (EnVeloP) system.

The External Vehicle Protection system consists of a small container built in the roof of the car, which contains a folded-in, vacuum pulled balloon of similar material to existing airbags. In case of an unavoidable collision, whether it is with another car, a roadside object or even when coming into contact with surface water, the balloon unfolds within the blink of an eye around the car. By completely enveloping the car, the External Vehicle Protection system ensures that damage and personal injury as a result of the collision is minimized.

At this moment the External Vehicle Protection system is still in a testing phase, but Volvo Cars is investigating whether the system can be fitted in future Volvo cars. We hope Volvo is not celebrating April Fool’s Day!

Volvo ejects car-enveloping air technologyNews Source: Volvo

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