Visit to 1000 year old Khedapati Hanuman Temple in Gwalior


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Gwalior, 4 April 2015: Regarded as one of the oldest temple of Hindu god Hanuman, Sarv Siddh Shree Khedapati Hanuman Mandir (All proven Sri Khedapati Hanuman Temple) is situated at Gandhi Nagar, Gwalior under Madhya Pradesh state, India. Gwalior is known for its historical significance, which can be summarized after having a look at Gwalior Fort. This city has always been a capital of Rajput kings.

The prominence of the temple is spread widely. There are also various proven and famous temple in this city. But holy abode of Rama devotee Hanuman’s Khedapati temple has different status between the devotees of Sri Hanuman, respectability of this temple is limitless.

The temple is situated between densely populated city. Inside the temple, idol of Maruti Hanuman adorned with sindoor takes the devotees into a supernatural world of faith. Wearing a tunicle of sindoor, the look of Sri Hanuman is graceful. Those big eyes gracing on his appearance reflects his angelic powers. The gem-studded crown on Sri Hanuman’s forehead increases the beauty of his look.

God Hanmuan is dressed with beautiful and bright apparel. His idol is adorned with necklace of flowers which looks very charming. Enhanced in flower garland and attractive clothing, the appearance of Sri Hanuman is truly spectacular.

Mentioned in the scriptures, Indra, king of Gods struck the chin (hanuh) of Sri Hanuman hence he received the name, Hanuman. God Rama’s beloved devotee Bajrang Bali Hanuman is called out with different names, Sri Hanuman’s father Kesari was the king of Sumeru mountain as well as his mother name was Anjana therefore he is called Kesari Nandan and Anjaniputra. God Vayu played an important role during his birth, that’s why his one name is Pavanputra or Maruti. Tough as vajra and due to powerful body he was started being called as Bajrang Bali. Just by taking his name trouble gets away due to this reason he is called Sankata Mochana. Sri Hanuman is considered as a part of Lord Shiva who took birth to help Lord Rama. He supported God Rama in destroying Lanka. God Rama also identified Sri Hanuman as lovable as his brother Bharata.

The construction of Gwalior’s Khedapati Temple is around 1000 year old. Earlier the idol of Sri Hanuman was seated here under a peepal tree. Later people constructed a beautiful temple over here. This ancient temple of Sri Hanuman has deep recognition among devotees. There is a massive influx of devotees whole day.

Alongside Sri Hanuman his lord Rama, Mata Sita, brother Lakshmana are ensconced. In the temple, sitting at the feet of his lord, Sri Hanuman appears giving the presentation of his devotion. It is said that there is no devotee above Sri Hanuman, he is dominant between devotees same as Himalayas in mountains and Ganga in rivers. It is also said lord Rama grace the devotees of Sri Hanuman.

There are many temple made in Khedapati temple in which Radha Krishna Temple, Mata Siddheswari Devi Temple, Amba Mata Temple and Shiva Temple are major. After holy darsana of Sri Hanuman, devotee takes darsan of Maa Amba equipped with arms. In temple of Sri Hanuman here are darsan of Radha Krishna. Close to Sri Khedapati Hanuman devotees get darsan of Shiva family which please their mind. The specialty of this Shivling is that it’s made of metal rather than stone. Nearby, idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Nandi and Mata Parvati are situated. Close by, darsan of Mata Siddheswari Devi gives utmost joy to the devotees. Giving her blessings with Chakra, Gada, Trishul, Talwar, Dhanush etc. makes every devotee fearless.

Arrival of devotees starts from the morning which continuously moves till the night. At temple everyday aarti is performed in morning 6 am and at night 8 pm. The holy priest of the temple turn by turn performs aarti of all gods and goddesses. Devotees with faith participates in the aarti. Divine arises during the aarti at the temple. After aarti devotees are given charna-amrit, prasad etc.

Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ji ki jai, Sri Khedapati Hanuman Ji ki Jai

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