UTI Mutual Fund


UTI Mutual Fund

January 14, 2003 is when UTI Mutual Fund started to pave its path following the vision of UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd. (UTIAMC), which was appointed by UTI Trustee Co, Pvt. Ltd. for managing the schemes of UTI Mutual Fund and the schemes transferred/migrated from the erstwhile Unit Trust of India.

UTI Mutual Fund’s investment philosophy is to deliver consistent and stable returns in the medium to long term with a fairly lower volatility of fund returns compared to the broad market. It believes in having a balanced and well-diversified portfolio for all the funds and a rigorous in-house research based approach to all its investments. It is committed to adopt and maintain good fund management practices and a process based investment management.

Call: 1800 22 1230

Corporate Office: UTI Tower, ‘GN’ Block, Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra (E), Mumbai – 400051

Website: UTI MF

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