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Urban Cocoa is one of the market leader in flavored chocolates in India. Founded in 2013, Urban Cocoa produces a wide range of flavored chocolates in a state-of-the-art packing, whilst still respecting its traditional chocolate-making tradition. Urban Cocoa has been handcrafting artisan chocolates that not only delight the senses, but also nourish the imagination. Urban Cocoa uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, including superior quality cocoa beans originating from some of the most exotic locations in the world.

Urban Cocoa products are available in major supermarkets, department stores, chocolate specialty stores, travel retail and duty free shops. Around the world, Urban Cocoa is synonymous with high quality flavored chocolate. A unique blend of West-African cocoa beans forms the basis of its premium flavored chocolate.

The four flavors of chocolates are Urban Cocoa’s star product. The mix of flavors is still produced according the unique recipe in the divine traditional manner, a principle of the company’s formulation. The secret method of blending and caramelizing flavors gives Urban Cocoa chocolates their signature taste. Urban Cocoa Banarsi Paan is the number one flavored boxed chocolate brand distributed in travel retail and duty free shops.

Urban Cocoa Flavors-

Most popular and iconic Urban Cocoa flavored chocolate is available in 4 different flavors!

Their customers are able to choose from Banarsi Paan, Café Mocha, Cool Mint and Strawberry.

  1. Banarsi Paan

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Their Banarsi Paan are milk chocolate beans, filled with a soft and delicate banarsi paan filling. Urban Cocoa Banarsi Paan is made from Gulkand & dry dates, using the most refined techniques and heated in open kettles. Temperature and timing are minutely adjusted to get the perfect color, taste and mouth feel. Their banarsi paan is enrobed with a fine chocolate shell which forms a delicious combination that will win many hearts.

  1. Caffé Mocha

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The caffé mocha is an energizing mocaccino that is baked until the sugar starts to caramelize and forms an exhilarating chocolate. This is the basis of their Café Mocha which delivers the energizing and caramelized experience in a caffe latte.

The unique combination of a soft filling with a hint of expresso and fine chocolate bits of Urban Cocoa makes this new flavor an indulgent spoil for your taste buds.

  1. Cool Mint

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Cool Mint is one of the most loved flavors, a true original that is soft and smooth on the tongue. These are fine chocolate beans filled with aromatic mint flavor. The vigorous filling delivers a fantastic mouth feel and an explosion of taste as soon as you bite through the Urban Cocoa chocolate shell. This flavor is both surprising and familiar for Urban Cocoa fans all over the world.

  1. Strawberry

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The milk chocolate beans are filled with a smooth delicious strawberry filling. The filling that reminds the consumer of a sweetness is very delicate and soft. The combination with an Urban Cocoa chocolate shell, this filling is perfect company in any occasion. From a coffee in the afternoon to a gift that will not be forgotten.

With these new flavors, Urban Cocoa wants to attract new consumers who like to try something different to a regular chocolate taste. Urban Cocoa is constantly trying new and creative combinations to excite their customers and offering a new taste experience.

For business inquiries they can be reached at +917771007222

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Urban Cocoa Signature Edition

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Mix of all flavors, Urban Cocoa Classic Assortment



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