Upgrade to Lamborghini Aventador LP988 “Edizione GT”


Lamborghini Aventador LP988 Edizione GT in INR 18,000

Here are some spill-the-beans photos, that displays more particulars about DMC’s looming LP988 Aventador. Subsequently their pleasant STAGE1 (Molto Veloce), and the unexpected STAGE2 (Spezial Version), it gives a glimpse as if this recent (and final?) package is going to become a authentic villain.

It seems DMC is taking Aventador’s tuning to a whole new level, because DMC’s engineers are bombarding their STAGE3 while others are slightly opening to introduce the Aventador game. Designated as the “Edizione-GT”, we now see why the car was grown with FIA governance in attention. More astonishing to listen, that it will be absolutely street legal! According to our source, the comprehensive package will cost a tremendous USD 288.888 (INR 1.80 crore), while the considerable sting is taken by the body kit (USD 89.990 or INR 56 lakhs) and the engine upgrade (USD 134.530 or INR 84 lakhs).






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