Update The Look Of Living Room By Accessorizing It


The right choice of accessories offers a well furnished and organized look to the interior of a living room. The living room decoration should be practical and pleasing so that it elevates the mood of the family and also provides a well-being and joy. Appealing curtains, wall clocks, decorative mirrors, functional rugs, etc. compliments the furniture present in the living room. Living room decorative items like wall mirrors, well-dressed windows with drapes and curtains, vibrant throws, colorful wall paintings, etc. displays a well-furnished look to the entire interior of the living room.

It is not enough to have the right room accessories, but you should know how to use it to update the look of the living room. Here are some tricks which you can apply.


Brighten Up The Dark Living Rooms With Wall Mirrors :- 

If you want to brighten up your dark living room, then you can simply accessorize the walls with alluring wall mirrors. The style of the wall mirror should match up with the theme of the living room. For example, if your living room has a traditional bases theme, then you should go for gilded mirrors. If you want some light in the living room, simply place the mirrors on the walls opposite to any windows or door present in the room. This help in reflecting the natural light in the interior of the living room.


Sparkle Light In The Living Room :- 

Dramatic touch can be added to your living room by placing the right amount of light. The living room lighting should be subtle but not too harsh. You can try layering the lights in the living room. You can use uniform lighting for a casual family gathering, spotlight for an entertainment area or reading area and accent lighting for any specific occasion or highlight a specific area in the room. You can use scented candles of different sizes and colors that will not only accentuate the look but will also make the atmosphere divine by its smell. You can shop for scented candles online.

A hanging chandelier will also make the living room more appealing. You can opt for crystal chandelier to give a sparkling effect. The size and shape of the chandelier should be selected as per the size and design of the living room.

Complement the Living Room With Window Curtains :- 

Always keep the design, theme, décor, furniture and size of the living room when you are going to select curtains for the windows. For traditionally themed living rooms, you can go for luxurious fabrics with splendid trimmings. For modern styled living rooms, you can choose plain curtain fabrics in primary colours. It is great to choose two shades for the same colour as it will give an illusion of depth in the room. To give a tempting look to the curtains, add tassels and tiebacks.

Add Wall Décor Items :- 

Your living room’s dull wall can be transformed into an exhibition wall by simply adding wall paintings on it. Adding colourful wall painting give a personal touch to the living room. Art-loving people can hang the paintings of their favourite artists. You can also accentuate your wall by adding designer wall clocks. You can browse for different wall clock designs according to the style of the room. If you have a small room, you can go for art prints to give an illusion of spaciousness in the living room.

If you are bored with the same old look of your living room and want to add an element of freshness, then you can use these are simple tips by which you can update the look of your living room.

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