United Restorations Vintage Car Calender 2015 is truly-exciting


United Restorations Vintage Car Calender 2015 is truly-exciting (2)

Jaipur, 11 January 2015: United Restorations is a stalwart in vintage & classic restoration from the past decade im India. A few ways which have made a great impact on the psyche of people and prompted them to pay attention towards their priceless possessions are automobile workshops, calendars of their royal beauties, art & paintings exhibition based on vintage & classic cars, putting into perspective their heritage and traditions upfront. The efforts so far have garnered tremendous response from masses, chiefly from young turks, serving the actual motive of presenting cars defining the outlook of dukes and their luxurious lifestyle.

Himanshu Jangid is the owner of United Restorations. The graduate from the University of Rajasthan, with his sincere compassion, significant vision & acumen towards vintage & classic cars restorations, inherited in him from his father Satish Jangid, decided to lay the foundation of the very firm. From then till today he has successfully accomplished the resurrection of more than 100 cars, epitomizing the rich heritage with the utmost authenticity.

Himanshu believes in catering and training the youth of the country with awareness & skills of preserving our magnificent property. He says, “The sole purpose of doing calendar shoots every year is to connect people, chiefly youth with our symbol of rich heritage & automobile history and bring them to notice the importance of our priceless possessions, which were impetus behind cars running today and to inculcate the feeling of preserving vintage & classic cars for our generation next. Awareness is the key to keep alive the most cherishable property for years.” He further said, “The Heritage Calendar is a testament to the rich heritage of not only of our state, but country also. It is not just about cars. For us this a pathway to pay tribute to the glorious past through our imagination, perseverance, belief and above all the passion,”

Honoring these cars by saving them from decaying to a phase of oblivion do pose many challenges, but overcoming all of them, United Restorations has created a new niche for itself, which is unparallel and unmatched so far.
To conserve and induce a new life into the symbols of proud past, loads of dedication, determination, enthusiasm along with magnanimous work of skill and craft goes in, resulting in a soulful outcome of the car, in the same look, carrying similar components, coping up with the minutest of detailing, just as it came out of factory for the first time.

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Achievements and Accolades: Ever since the inception, United Restorations has remained numero uno in authentic restoration of vintage & classic cars. Excelling with the work full of elegance and skills the firm has received recognition and awards in prestigious car rallies, held nationally and internationally. The efficiency in work has bagged 37 honors and awards for the firm including ‘Best of show’ at the Concours d’Elegance in Mumbai, Statesman vintage rally in Delhi, and coveted ‘Cartier travel in style’, Mumbai.

Work Place: Synonym of class apart work, United Restorations is a workshop spread in an area of 15000 square feet equipped with all the world class tools, mechanism, facilities and modern amenities. The work place is divided into five sections; namely mechanical, restoration, upholstery, wood work and paint booth. Each corresponding to a different discipline.

Calendars based on vintage & classic cars: Customizing the purpose of safeguarding the royal beauties, an initiative in the year 2011 was taken and launch of calendars every year came into existence and since then, with the variant themes & concepts heritage calendars are being published comprising of royal cars.

Calendar of 2013

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The calendar of the year 2013 showcased 12 exquisite vintage & classic cars epitomizing mystic and glamour of the era of kings. The calendar depicts restoration work of United Restorations Private Limited located in Jaipur, specializing in restoration and recreation of antique and vintage cars/ historic vehicle bodywork in the state over a decade. Exclusive shoots were conducted at different locations with picturesque backdrop of Rajasthan mostly. Here are the following cars and their locations of shoot-

  1. 1951 Morgan at Hilly area of Kukas, near Jaipur
  2. Jaguar Mark 5 shot at sand dunes of Khinwsar
  3. MGTC shot at Jaipur
  4. Triumph TR3 shot with Roman architecture as a background in Jaipur
  5. Jaguar SS shot at United Restorations, Jaipur
  6. Mercedes 200 shot at a village in Jaipur
  7. Chevrolet 210 shot at Salt Lake, Sambhar
  8. Jaguar Mark 2 shot at Khinwsar Fort
  9. Triumph 1800 shot at Jaipur
  10. Bentley Mark 6 shot at Delhi
  11. Sunbeam Talbot shot at Devgarh, Udaipur
  12. Mercedes 180 shot at Samode Palace

This edition of calendar with such a unique concept grabbed many eyeballs, attaining the motto of spreading awareness about the symbol of royalty.

Calendar of 2014

Raising the bar to draw more attention of common masses towards the endeavor of conserving the vintage & classic cars, the theme for the calendar of 2014 was ‘The Art Of The Automobiles’. This year’s calendar displayed a collection of 14 classic oil color paintings and 5o black & white photographs. The theme was chosen to depict the world of classic cars with an element of art & cultural heritage. The elegantly created paintings and photo-graphs of 2014 calendar recreated the magic of vintage cars era. Following are the cars used for paintings-

  1. Mercedes 540k
  2. Buick 1951
  3. MGTC
  4. Packard
  5. Cadillac
  6. Alfa Romeo
  7. Chrysler imperial
  8. Cord
  9. Jaguar Mark 2
  10. Morgan
  11. Bentley
  12. Bugatti

For black & white portrays the car used-

  1. Mercedes 320- 1936
  2. MGTC -1949
  3. Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
  4. Buick Super 8- 1947
  5. Chevrolet- 1931
  6. Morgan -1951
  7. Triumph 1800
  8. Jaguar- 1936
  9. Citroen DS
  10. Cadillac- 1954
  11. Mercedes 290- 1936
  12. Ford Falcon

This way the calendar of 2014 went up a notch higher than the previous edition, exploring and presenting new dimensions to the world.

Calendar of 2015

The calendar of 2015 is set to touch the pinnacle of grandeur. This year’s calendar intends to make a pan India impact . Pictures of the cars are clicked at various locations of the country as per the theme of ‘ India’s Prominent Places’. Applying an innovative way, the stellar looking cars reflecting the life of erstwhile aristocrats are shot ar amazing and most wonderful places of the country including few heritage sights. 12 mesmerizing heritage cars, were shot at the backdrop of some of the sizzling destinations of the country. Following are the locations and cars utilised in shoots-

  1. Cadillac (convertible) 1954 in Mumbai belonged to the Royal family of Morvi
  2. Dodge 1954 in Mumbai originally owned by the royals of Mysore . The car was brought to us by a businessman based in Mumbai.
  3. Mercedes 290 Pullman 1936 in United Restorations, Jaipur
  4. Cadillac 1947 in Delhi
  5. Buick Super 8 1947 in Ajmer sent for the sake of restoration by the Royal family of Masuda. The car originally hailed from Uttar Pradesh
  6. AC Cobra 1964 in Delhi, car was restored for some industrial house in Delhi
  7. Jaguar Mark 5 Drophead Coupe 1951 in Jodhpur originally hailed from  Pune. It was brought to us  by an exporter from Jaipur, Vikram Singh.
  8. Jaguar Mark 4 1947 in Jaipur belonged to the Royal family of Dharmpur
  9. Rolls Royce Silver Wraith 1947 in Jaipur, car hailed from Madhya Pradesh  and was purchased by some industrial house of Delhi
  10. Chevrolet Phaeton 1931 in Samode Palace belonged to the Royal Family of Samode
  11. Buick Invicta 1959 in United Restorastions restored Dr. Vipin Buckshey, who’s a Padamashree awardee
  12. Jaguar XK 140 1951 in Delhi came from Delhi, belonging to a industrial house.

The stellar work carried in a hyperphysical manner by professional photographers in the making of the calendar has surely paved a way to its success.

United Restorations Vintage Car Calender 2015 is truly-exciting (3)

United Restorations Vintage Car Calender 2015 is truly-exciting (10)

United Restorations Vintage Car Calender 2015 is truly-exciting (4)

United Restorations Vintage Car Calender 2015 is truly-exciting (2)



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