Touchy: VAIO Duo 11


PC power mixed with Tablet power equals to a hybrid Ultrabook defines Sony.

Featuring Surf Slider design which helps giving tablet operating mode a power of on-the-go computing. Weight will not your issue if you buying this, but for your knowledge, it weighs 1.3kg and its 17.85mm thin.

What really matters to you is its screen size, which measures to be 29.46 cms (11.6) wide with a full HD Touch Screen, giving you a happy and yes-i-touched-it-right experience.

You also get a headphone with Digital Noise Cancellation if you heard anything which was not in your dictionary while listening. Very helpful in Indian noisy atmosphere.

So, if you go to Sony Brand shop, you have to ask SVD11213CNB Model as this its real name, again for your knowledge. Color you ask for is Gun Metal.

Price: Rs. 89,990

Its the future my boy, so try to cope with new things and if you have the money, then don’t ask your dad for buying.


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