Thousands ran in Gwalior Development Race 2014


Thousands ran in Gwalior Development Race 2014 (20)

To pass on the development work done by the Gwalior Municipal Corporation (GMC) to every citizen of Gwalior and also to celebrate the 4 year of GMC tenure, “Gwalior Development Race” was organized on 10 January 2014 from Theme Road, Vir Sawarkar Marg to Bal Bhawan, City Centre. The race was flagged off Mayor Sameeksha Gupta, Chairperson Brijendra Singh Jadon and BJP regional vice president and district President Vedprakash Sharma. During the race check-posts were made on four places of the route equipped with lemon water and glucose. Also, a pilot bike was escorting the rate along with an ambulance.

To create the development awareness in the city, handicapped citizens also participated in the race and were later awarded. Mayor and the representatives also ran all the way up to the finish line to celebrate 4 years of Municipal Corporation tenure.

State government is devoted for development: Anup Mishra

On the occasion of Development Race 2014 former minister Anup Mishra said Madhya Pradesh government is devoted for the city development and regular monitoring is being done for development benefits for the city.

Citizen should come forward for development: Mayor

During Development Race 2014 Mayor Sameeksha Gupta said for multidimensional development every citizen should actively participate and tremendous growth of the city is the result of active citizens. The mayor urged all citizens to come together for the development of the city.

City is development with equality: Vedprakash Sharma

At Development Race 2014 BJP regional vice president and district President Vedprakash Sharma said that development is equal in every ward also city is progressing in terms of traffic, roads, water electricity

The winners of the race were awarded with over Rs. 2 lakh of cash awards.

  1. Senior Boys Category – 1. Surendra Kumar (Rs. 20,000) | 2. Narendra Singh (Rs. 15,000) | 3. Sumit Singh Tomar (Rs. 10,000)
  2. Junior Boys Category – 1. Amresh Kumar Yadav (Rs. 20,000) | 2. Laxman (Rs. 15,000) | 3. Rupesh Sharma (Rs. 10,000)
  3. Senior Girls Category – 1. Neha Singh (Rs. 20,000) | 2. Rajkumari Patel (Rs. 15,000) | 3. Brajesh Kumari (Rs. 10,000)
  4. Junior Girls Category – 1. Renuka Yadav (Rs. 20,000) | 2. Anuja Singh (Rs. 15,000) | 3. Upasana Singh (Rs. 10,000)
  5. Tricycle Male Disabled Category – Mukesh Kushwah, Raju Khan, Ram Avtar Prajapati were awarded
  6. Foot race disable Category – Harishchandra Rajoria, Abhiyansh, Yuvraj Singh were awarded
  7. Tricycle Female Disabled Category – Jyoti Shakya, Babita Jatav, Aarti Gupta were awarded




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