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In a time-starved world, 2-minute noodles and burgers now come with 2-minute Experts, and fries. Information gleaned in a jiffy, from superficial sources, is pretending itself to be knowledge. Surely you have encountered it in your office corridors, on the train commute, in your gym. Sure, sometimes, it provides you a laugh or two, by making a trademark blunder. But most other times, it can be pretty damaging in the way it steers conversations into undesired territories, and often, with dangerous consequences. It is becoming the biggest hurdle in our rapid march into the Idea Economy. It’s time we arrested its growth. It’s time someone stood up against this 21st century malaise.

The Economic Times is proud to stand up against Half Knowledge. We invite you to join the cause. If we are not together on this, half knowledge is not going away in a hurry. You can register your support below by taking the Pledge against Half Knowledge.

Website: Know Grow | Economic Times


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