The Transitory Times of adolescence


The Transitory Times of adolescence

“Behind this innocent smile of mine,
Lay words that go unsaid,
Words of longing, love, anger, and hate, 
Words which one must dread!”

ADOLESCENCE – a TRANSITIONAL stage during which a man marks his journey from childhood to adulthood! ADOLESCENCE – whose literal meaning is to grow up, pretty much sums it all! ALL the changes, variations, transformations, modulations, mutations, diversification –EVERY THING! Adolescence no matter how familiar, cliché and proverbial this term sounds, turns into an incognito   or something what I call “THE TRANSIENT TIMES for any teenager!

Group 3 to group 12 which belong to d block elements in chemistry are known as TRANSIENT ELEMENTS because the d-orbitals become split into two groups. One having higher and other having lower energy. SO, the transition of electrons within these groups continuously takes place which is also responsible for different colours of their compounds.

The Transitory Times of adolescence

Author, Simran Dhingra

LIKEWISE, if we try to link this with OUR Tenuous TEENAGERS who belong to the transient group, we might witness a similar story! This transient group also splits into two – one having high and the other having low energy! I won’t use the term bright or dull here because it’s all a matter of energy!  Each individual possesses a light within itself! A LIGHT to brighten and illuminate the world! A light which one CONTAINS but he needs to ATTAIN. and once this task is accomplished , he automatically jumps from the “LOW ENERGY CATEGORY “ to the “HIGH ENERGY CATEGORY “ if we have a closer look , we will come to note of a very fascinating fact—IT’S THE TRANSITION   WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FR DIFFERENT COLORS OF THEIR COMPOUNDS ! It’s WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO BE or it’s their choices which will end up Defining how they are going to paint the world, paint it with their with very own colours whether bright or dull. They can make it divine ad spiritual with the shades of white, despicable and gloomy with the shades of black or all glammed up –full of glitz, gleam and glitter with red, orange and pink! The choice of their colour is wholly and solely up to them!

EVEN a trivial choice, a choice of whether to do it or not to do Ii, whether to be or not to be, whether to care or not to care can make a remarkable difference!  10 years from now it’s these choices which will be deciding where we are going to end up on this planet!

In chemistry if an element acquires extra energy, it gets into an EXCITED STATE which never lasts! Similar is the case with teenagers! This SURPLUS ENERGY might drive them into being excited which is completely normal but eventually it won’t last and would have devastating effects on that person’s life!  Again, it’s the choice here – the choice of whether to be excited or not and   to be excited by what thing which DEFINES the effects!  So, do make your choices sagaciously!

The whole discussion here is not to make u extra Precautionary over your choices, but what is being highlighted here is – “it’s not aesthetically or practically wrong to make choices! what’s crucial is  to RISE  AGAIN FROM THE ASHES LIKE THE PROVERBIAL PHOENIX AND make all the wrong choices into the right and apt. ones !Neither THE choice of making no errors and mistakes  nor the choice of  being perfect or scoring 10 on 10 will bring u in a  venerable position  but ultimately  it’s the choice of being  A perfectly imperfect human that will  MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE  because it’s extremely important to be open to mistakes  and have a room for errors !  Remember here these errors only will serve as the guiding light and make u enter d high energy clan!!! biggrin

Author is a head girl of Little Angels High School


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