The Moonlit Romance of Internet: Sasiprabha debuts with “My Moonlit Romance”


The Moonlit Romance of Internet Sasiprabha debuts with “My Moonlit Romance” (2)

In the time of internet, no love story is complete without the interference of the cyberspace. It can be the catalyst or the connecting link, at times it is even the very grounds where people meet. Sasiprabha’s protagonist’s too finds love in the virtual world, which transcends the boundary of physical and virtual world.

Sasiprabha, a doctor by profession and writer by accident, pens her first novel about the journey of a girl in the lanes of love. It is the story of a girl who falls in love over the internet, moves to telephonic conversation, and as some stories are doomed, she too faces betrayal in love.

From a very early age, Sasiprabha was introduced to the world of Shakespeare, Keats, Dickens, etc., as her mother is an English literature graduate and had all these classics were in her book selves. Sasiprabha was fascinated with this world and wanted to learn and understand this literature. As she grew old, the world of books and literature called her.

The Moonlit Romance of Internet Sasiprabha debuts with “My Moonlit Romance” (1)


She, in her own worlds, says that she is an accidental writer. She never wanted to become an author but the appreciated the virtual world gave to her musing, made her to write about the world that featured in her mind. The writing of the novel also reflects the fact that the authoress is a poet at heart and she too writes the narration in a poetic style.

Sasiprabha, apart from being a doctor, is also a motivation speaker. She recollects on how and why she become a motivational speaker and finally an author, she says, “I became a motivational speaker ultimately because I was desperate with my college life. I usually gather a lot of energy from negative experiences to conquer them and to rise above them. I am such kind of a person who thinks, “This is what I have gone through. I know how it feels. So I will try my best to save another one suffering from the same!” When my house surgeoncy began, I was freed from the burden of a boring routine and became active in social media too. My write ups shared gave me readers from all over the world and they inspired me to get published. I have strong personal relationship with most of my readers”.

Somehow the nuggets of her write-ups became a full length novel and it took her 90 days to pen down her novel, and publishes it before she completed her graduation. The book is published by Power Publishers and is available on all major book selling portals.

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