Telly medical facility to be soon in Gwalior


Telly medical facility to be soon in Gwalior

Gwalior city will have Madhya Pradesh’s first Telly Medical Centre (TMC). The new TMC will be equipped with advance medical facilities and high tech medical machinery which are being used in the hospitals of metro cities. In a press conference organised by Gwalior Academy of Pediatrics, director of Apollo Hospital Dr. Anupam Sibbal said that the doctors of TMC will stay in constant touch with doctors of Apollo Hospital through internet and provide quick treatment to the ailing patients.

Dr. Sibbal tagged this launching as technological advancement in health sector and an effort to save the hard earned money of common man by providing them treatment at their doorstep rather referring them to metros. A panel of doctors from Apollo will be visiting Gwalior and file a report based on which further designing of this medical facility shall take place.

Dr. Vikas Kohli of Apollo Hospita; Dr. C.P. Bansal, President of Gwalior Academy of Paediatrics; State President of Academy Dr. Suhas Ghode; District President of Academy Dr. Praveen Mittal and Dr. G.S. Mittal were present in the conference.

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