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Samsung Galaxy Camera: Cam checking email

You can shoot, you can edit and you can share with this camera. Samsung has named this cam as Galaxy Camera with the intelligence of the Android Jelly Bean OS. It provides various professional shooting modes and..

Listen to colors: Dulux Commercial

Don’t know about you, but we personally felt that this commercial was inspiring and deserve an article on that. Farhan Akhtar speaks and expresses himself and the quotes which gets connected to the paint is..

Use touchscreen with AnyGlove

Its a extreme winter at your side, and you don’t want to remove your gloves for anything. Then you read this article and thought of thanking us. Watch the video and then read what we..

Samsung Ativ Smart PC

Tablet? Notebook? The Samsung Ativ Smart PC – with a detachable keyboard – promises to be both. Its 10-point touchscreen supports multi-touch gestures, and can also be used with the proprietary S Pen stylus and..

“Bonsai” will charge your mobile

A french designer have created a solar-powered bonsai. With that you can charge your mobile phone, iPad and other gadgets. Name of this creative designer is Vivien Muller, this plant named “The Electree” will have special..

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R

Windows 8 supports navigation gestures, but those who use a desktop PC can’t really do much with this, given there’s no touchscreen or trackpad. But Logitech’s new wireless touch keyboard aims to solve that with multi-touch support..

Touchy: VAIO Duo 11

PC power mixed with Tablet power equals to a hybrid Ultrabook defines Sony. Featuring Surf Slider design which helps giving tablet operating mode a power of on-the-go computing. Weight will not your issue if you..

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