Tansen Samaroh 2014: Prabhakar Karekar awarded with National Tansen Samman


Tansen Samaroh 2014 Prabhakar Karekar awarded with National Tansen Samman (1)

Gwalior, 12 December 2014: Legendary classical singer Prabhakar Karekar awarded with “National Tansen Samman”. Grand launch of Tansen Samaroh in city of music Gwalior.

Most prestigious four day music festival in Hindustani classical music “Tansen Samaroh” started in Gwalior on Friday. Near the mausoleum of Emperor Tansen, grand and dignified music ceremony was held where legendary vocalist Pandit Prabhakar Karekar was awarded with “National Tansen Samman”.

Union Minister for Steel and Mines Narendra Singh Tomar, Cabinet Minister of Women and Child Development Maya Singh and Culture and Tourism Minister Surendra Patwa including other distinguished guests honoured Pandit Prabhakar Karekar. The state government also awarded him with Rs. 2 lakh in amount of respect along with recognition commendation plaque and shawl-quince.

Pt. Karekar said on the occasion that due to the best teachings by my teachers I had received this privilege. We feel blessed after getting Tansen Samman. He said that we have been coming to Tansen Samaroh from a very long time. There was a long desire in my mind to receive this honor which is completed today. He expressed thanks to the Government of Madhya Pradesh.



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