Range Rover Evoque

Kahn Range Rover Evoque (TECH PACK) RS250

The latest Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (TECH PACK) RS250 to roll off the Project Kahn production line will unquestionably turn heads. The Project Kahn RS250 is adorned with vibrant Volcanic Rock Satin paint that..

Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS Sport 2.2 SD4 5DR

With its performance-oriented design and exceptional interior trim, the Kahn RS Range Rover Evoque RS Sport has been prepared by the highly skilled, experienced specialists at A. Kahn Design using a combination of hi-tech materials..

Twosome with Kahn Orkney Grey RR Evoque

The interior of the RS250 Orkney grey Evoque is upholstered in an exceedingly fine material. Worked through a rigorous process that accentuates the natural look and smoothness of Alcantara & Vesuvius orange detail, the front..

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