Ferrari FXX, Shumi’s retirement gift

Schumacher requested one for a retirement present. Enough said. Surely the FXX is just a dolled-up Enzo? A car that can’t drive on the road doesn’t deserve a place here? We beg to differ. After..

Battles Rides: McLaren F1 vs Veyron

The Oxford English Dictionary‘sĀ definitionĀ of fast? It has to be decided after this battle. 2004 made Volkswagen Group’s Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, that can kiss the tarmac with a speed of 408kph versus 1993 made Gordon..

McLaren P1: Tradition rises again

So no engine or technical specifications were revealed. All that was clarified was that the P1 will have a power-to-weight ratio in excess of 600bhp per tone. Which is not to say it won’t match..

440kph Koenigsegg Agera R is damnable

The 2013 Agera R is the result of Koenigseggs endless pursuit for perfection. The 2013 model features new Aircore hollow carbon fiber wheels, upgraded power and enhanced aerodynamics. The Agera R has an incredible top..

Zenvo ST1: Sparks fly

You have reached to 1,100bhp Zenvo ST1. Its a Danish supercar. The stats suggest 0-100kph in three seconds and a top speed limited – ha! – to 370kph. But it feels faster. From a standing..

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