Arvind Agarwal

KTM and Kawasaki joint dealership opened in Gwalior

Gwalior, 3 July 2014: A day to be marked as the history in Gwalior two-wheeler business with the opening to city’s first premium motorcycle dealership. Gwalior has a new KTM (Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen) and Kawasaki joint dealership located..

Gwalior expresses on 67th Independence Day

This 67th Independence Day SouLSteer involves youth in the essence of patriotism  Independence is not relying on others for support and becoming self-supporting. The nation became independent from British Rule on 15 August 1947 with..

Gwalior rising along with the technology

Gadgets, technology, lifestyle, changing, Gwalior. SouLSteer breaks the wire. Over and out. Once upon a time in Gwalior, it was like going to work, driving, thinking, workload, coming back, trying to sleep and repeating the..

Poetry of the Senses: Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal and Arvind Agarwal Businesswoman/Housewife and Businessman Know thy Partner Ritu and Arvind try and guess each other’s likes and dislikes Favourite Food Ritu: Dal Chawal (correct) Arvind: Pasta (correct) Favourite Perfume Ritu: Paco..

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