Still in snow, Kia Sportspace Concept new pictures revealed


Still in snow, Kia Sportspace Concept new pictures revealed  (4)

Eschborn, 28 February 2015: The working week is over. The late afternoon sun is glinting on the ice crystals in the road-side snowbanks and turning the snow-capped peaks ahead pink. The road snakes ahead towards a weekend of fun and action. The journey demands a swift, efficient and refined machine to allow the maximum pleasure to be extracted from the time available.

This is exactly the role for which the Kia SPORTSPACE was conceived. Its muscular proportions are ready to deliver a safe, secure but speedy passage to the slopes. Its cosseting and refined interior provides convivial yet individual space for its four passengers. Its sleek and elegant lines – both inside and out – are functional but stylish, allowing its travelling partners both comfort and convenience within a bodyshape that stands out from the crowd.

This is a concept that has extracting the maximum from life at its heart.

To be unveiled to the world at the 85th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva, the Kia SPORTSPACE is perhaps the ultimate ‘getaway’ car – a thoroughly practical vehicle for everyday business use, yet a stylish and athletic grand tourer in the classic sense – ready to eat up the miles across continents, whether for business or leisure.

Conceived and developed at Kia’s European Design Centre in Frankfurt under the leadership of Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe, the Kia SPORTSPACE is a car that spurns traditional compromises. It is neither saloon car nor wagon. It is neither hatchback nor shooting brake. It is instead a vehicle that can meet the demands of those who refuse to be categorised when it comes to their lifestyle or their motoring needs.

Guillaume is open about its origins: “Kia does not have a wagon in this important segment of the European market, but I was determined that we would not simply create something that conformed to tradition. This car comes from an ambition I had when I was studying design in Switzerland as a young man.

“I always had this picture in my mind of creating a vehicle that I could have used to go for a weekend’s skiing with friends before driving back for it to be displayed at the Geneva Salon. Geneva is a special show for me – it comes as winter starts to release its grip. It has a special atmosphere and a particular appeal. The ideal concept vehicle had to reflect this – and I believe the SPORTSPACE does just that!” he added.

Indeed, the Kia SPORTSPACE stands as a very different type of vehicle in the segment. It is neither meant to be, nor does it look like, a load-lugger – it is clearly a sleek, road-eater that owners will want to get into and drive. A long way.

SPORTSPACE is powered by a high-performance, turbocharged powertrain, designed to fulfil Kia’s commitment to introducing more efficient, downsized gasoline engines. A compact and lightweight 2.0-litre T-GDI (turbocharged gasoline direction injection) engine generates 250 ps, driving the front wheels, resulting in high fuel efficiency and spontaneous, powerful acceleration in all situations. It perfectly supports the active driving experience promised by the dynamic exterior design.

Guillaume commented: “The SPORTSPACE was conceived as a car that drivers would want to use at weekends to get out and enjoy the journey. It was central to our thinking that the car should provide real encouragement to hit the road and make the most of every moment.

“Behind the sophisticated design, the Kia SPORTSPACE also delivers a drive that is easy and enthusiastic. It will make every work-day commute or dash to the mountains equally invigorating,” he added.

Still in snow, Kia Sportspace Concept new pictures revealed  (7)

Still in snow, Kia Sportspace Concept new pictures revealed  (10)

Still in snow, Kia Sportspace Concept new pictures revealed  (6)

Still in snow, Kia Sportspace Concept new pictures revealed  (3)

Still in snow, Kia Sportspace Concept new pictures revealed  (1)

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