Spreading social message with an election poster



Recently, we came across an advertising poster of a candidate who is contesting for High Court Bar Association, Gwalior.

What caught our attention and inspired us to write this article is the fact that the poster was not just talking about the individual but was also carrying the social message about ‘Organ Donation’.

It was really impressing that how the approach of personal advertising & promotion can also be used for social good. Imagine, if all the advertising material used during Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha elections carry a social message, we can reach out to millions of people and increase awareness about the socially relevant topics.

Our interest got us in contact with the gentleman Adv. Dr. Vinay Haswani. He is a young 30 year old lawyer practicing at Gwalior High Court. We asked him on what motivated him for this initiative, he replied “I have been an evangelist of organ donation and been trying to increase awareness about this issue at personal level for quite some time now, so I came across this idea to use my personal advertising material to not just promote myself but also the cause I believe in”, he also added “by this initiative, irrespective of the fact that I win or loose, the society will definitely win”

As its said, a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. We think this fantastic initiative by a young lawyer will definitely inspire many more to draw a leaf from Dr. Vinay Haswani’s book.

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