The Speaking SouL


The Speaking SouL

ABRAHAM BENJAMIN de VILLIERS, South African cricketer- “That would be my advice: be prepared to get out.” (on the best way to play paceman Dale Steyn)

ALEXANDER BORIS de PFEFFEL JOHNSON, Mayor of London- “I don’t believe economic equality is possible – some inequality is essential for the spirit of envy that is a spur to economic activity” (on incentives spurring economic growth)

ANUPAM KHER, Actor- “God doesn’t require money. He needs Change.” (on religious worship)

ARUN JAITLEY, BJP leader- “Nehruvian vision of a separate status has given rise to aspirations for pre-1953 status, self-rule and even Azadi.” (on special status for J&K)

ARVIND KEJRIWAL, Aam Aadmi Party convener- “Take money if that is what they give, or even blankets and clothes but refuse to take alcohol.” (on strategies adopted by other parties)

CHETAN BHAGAT, Indian author- “All private companies are not corrupt, greedy things who charge double of what they should. We need private sector and we must work with it.” (on the need for a robust private sector)   |||   “Anna is sweet and all but it’s sad the only time people take him seriously is when he is hungry.” (on Anna Hazare undertaking yet another fast for the Janlokpal Bill)

CRISTIANO RONALDO dos SANTOS AVEIRO, Portuguese footballer- “I don’t get obsessed by records, I care more about winning trophies.” (on his priorities)

DEREK O’BRIEN, Quizmaster and MP for Trinamool Congress- “You know that feeling… getting ready to go to school knowing there will be no classes.” (on Parliament adjournments)   |||   “Lokpal Bill is Rajya Sabha… and you thought T20 cricket was unpredictable.” (on the Lokpal Bill debate in Rajya Sabha)

DIGVIJAYA SINGH, Congress general secretary- “I think Sushma Swaraj and Murli Manohar Joshi should give tutions to Modi for a month to improve his language.” (on factual errors by Narendra Modi)

FAROOQ ABDULLAH, Political leader- “Sometimes they say they’ll build a temple. They couldn’t.. Now they say they want to remove Article 370. Whom are they trying to fool?” (on the BJP)

GAUTAM GAMBHIR, Cricketer- “I respect the media talking about December 16 barbaric act, but let’s not make it an annual affair. The whole incident should hurt us every day.” (on the first anniversary of the December 16 gang rape)

GRAHAM ALAN GOOCH, England cricketer- “Generally if you get sledged, you’re doing okay.” (on his team getting sledged by Australia)

JYOTIRADITYA MADHAVRAO SCINDIA, Congress Politician- “This was something we never expected. On all accounts we failed, failed and failed.” (on Congress’s defeat in MP)

KANGNA RANAUT, Actress- “It’s funny that they’ve called homosexuality a crime… At this rate everyone will be a criminal.” (on the Supreme Court verdict on homosexuality)

KARAN JOHAR, Film director- “Section 377 is not just a violation of human rights but also makes democracy seem like a mirage in our country.” (on the Supreme Court judgement criminalizing homosexuality)   |||   “If I’m tired and not saying hello with enthusiasm, people tell me,’Why are you being so cold – you’re so warm on TV?’ You always have to be perky” (on his image after hosting a TV show)

KAUSHIK BASU, Chief Economist of World Bank- “In the pecking order of creations without function the make necktie must occupy the number one position ahead of the human appendix.” (on male fashion)

KISAN BABURAO “ANNA” HAZARE, Social activist- “If I had campaigned for it, Arvind Kejriwal would have become the chief minister of Delhi.” (on the Aam Aadmi Party falling short of majority in Delhi polls)   |||   “If I try to impose my view on Parliament, it will be wrong… It doesn’t matter if 2-3 things have been left out.” (on the Lokpal Bill presented in Rajya Sabha)   |||   “The country or society does not benefit from people who stand before cameras.” (on Arvind Kejriwal and former colleagues)

MALALA YOUSAFZAI, Child activist- “Fifty seven million children across the world don’t want an iPhone, Xbox or chocolates. They want a book and a pen.” (on children deprived of education)

MALLIKA SHERAWAT, Actress- “Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient.” (on her critics)

NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI, BJP’s PM candidate- “Get the speeches of Nehru, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia and Rahul… 80 out of 100 things they speak about poverty have remained the same.” (on Nehru-Gandhis’ record of ruling the country)   |||   “Assam lies next to Bangladesh, and Gujarat next to Pakistan. People of Assam are troubled because of Bangladesh and Pakistan is worried because of me.” (on relations with neighboring countries)

OMAR ABDULLAH, Jammu & Kashmir CM- “Never underestimate the underdog/newcomer with a fresh face and message.” (on the Aam Aadmi Party)   |||   “The red beacons have been removed from all the vehicles in my cavalcade. I hope others will follow this example now.” (on the red-beacon culture)   |||   “So Coal India is going to produce gas. Might as well since they don’t seem to be producing much coal. Better hot air than nothing.” (on the proposal to allow Coal India to produce natural gas)   |||   “This is my state – if I want to install a hoarding, I will. Why this irritation?” (on publicity material placed near a BJP rally venue)

POPE FRANCIS JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO, Head of Catholic Church- “I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets.” (on reaching out to the poor)

RAHUL GANDHI, Congress vice-president- “I am going to make sure that transformation happens, and I will do it in ways you cannot even imagine.” (on reforms for his party after the assembly polls debacle)

RANVIR SHOREY, Indian actor- “History is proving to be Mahendra Modi’s biggest nemesis.” (on Narendra Modi’s factual errors during speeches)

ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY, Pop singer- “You know who is the best who ever did it? Princess Diana. She was gangsta with her clothes.” (on late Princess Diana’s fashion style)

SHEKHAR KAPUR, Filmmaker- “I believe India needs change. Not just in its government, but also in its rules of governance. Change that cuts deep into our political system.” (on the need for governance reforms)   |||   “When will Bollywood go international? When we stop celebrating mediocrity.”  (on Bollywood)

SONIA GANDHI (Edvige Antonia Albina Màino), Congress president- “People need not worry… at the opportune time, our PM candidate will be announced.” (on the next general election)

TASLIMA NASRIN, Author- “Free speech is like rape in India. Politicians and intellectuals don’t defend everyone’s free speech like they don’t condemn every rape.” (on free speech)

VIRAT KOHLI, Cricketer- “I know these are very big shoes to fill. But I am happy that I have started off well.” (on scoring a century as the new number 4 batsman in Tests”

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC, Swedish footballer- “A World Cup without me is nothing to watch so it is not worthwhile to wait for the World Cup.” (on Sweden’s failure to qualify for Fifa 2014)



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