Solving your dog’s social needs


Solving your dog’s social needs (1)

With so many pets in the city, people would assume you’d be barking mad to open a dating website for dogs. But, for Carmel Olyai being an “animal lover” has taken her affection for dogs to another level. Founder of, Carmel tells us how we can make the world a better place for our furry friends.

  1. What made you start Pups n Dogs for animals?

As a dog owner, I find it extremely difficult to find my pets a mate to have pups with. Unless you have a wide circle of friends, it is really difficult to find out if anyone has the same breed as you do. I guess that’s how the idea started and it actually is strictly for Dogs.

  1. How does Pups n Dogs function? Any desired goals?

It’s really simple actually and all it takes is 5 Minutes! On the Pups n Dogs website, you have an Online Dog Dating form which one fills out and you can do the same on the Form in our Facebook account. Once you hit submit, all you have to do is wait for us to get in touch with you when we find your pet the perfect match. Once we start having entries, you will be able to go on our website and see the countries where people have signed up from and the cities where different dogs are available.
The Goal is one and simple – connect all dog owners around the world with each other. I want people to experience the joy of having their own pups and want to help them find the breed they are looking for in their neighbourhoods and cities.

  1. How long has it been for Pups n Dogs? Share your journey with us.

Well, the idea has been hovering over me for a few months now. I think it was August when I first started working on the idea, I did go off track and try multiple features on the website for a while but then I ended up confusing myself. Eventually by the first week of November I made a very basic website and decided to launch it along with the Facebook page.

The decision to finally go online was out of the blue and I’m glad I did that. So far people have been very supportive, we’ve had a bunch of entries and I’m extremely excited because of such a positive response!

  1. What are the difficulties you faced while starting Pups n Dogs?

I think trying to materialize any idea is difficult, the scariest part is “What if…..” and you can fill in the blank with so many words. Drafting the main concept is hard, your brain comes up with various ideas and you think “Sure…you can do it all” but you end up realizing you’ve taken too much on your plate and go back to the basic concept that you initially had.  Another complication is the “Suggestions” that people give and it really confuses a person, it makes you question yourself and whether your concepts are good enough. At the end of it all, what matters is the support from the closest people to you and my main supporter has been my best friend, my husband. It is because of his constant push and encouragement that I have managed to be able to do all of this.

  1. Tell us about Pups n Dogs achievements?

We’ve only been online for less than a month and have a long way to go before I can answer this question. As a start-up, I think the main achievement so far, has been the great response that we’ve had from people and the sign ups on the website. It’s exciting every time I get a notice on my phone that someone has submitted a form!

  1. What breed do Pups n Dogs work with?

It’s for all breeds, doesn’t matter if it’s a pure or a mix, a mongrel or even an unknown breed. As long as it is a dog, we will find it the perfect match!

  1. Are there enough people who support and encourage Pups n Dogs?

The numbers of people are growing every day! And to show our appreciation for the support, if any company or organization does mention, we put up their logo on our “Supporters” page on the website as well as Facebook.

  1. Is working for the Pups n Dogs your full-time job?

I can’t say it’s a job – I’m not forced to do it and neither does it pay me! Right now it is like my little babe – it’s my passion, an obsession!

  1. How do you make ends meet?

Let’s say my darling husband and my beautiful in-laws are investing in me as well as my pups and dogs…

  1. What are your future plans?

I want to make Pups n Dogs known in every country in the world and I’m sure that will take a lot of time. Basically making Pups n Dogs better and bigger.

  1. What message would you like to give to animal lovers?

I know the feeling, you know the feeling, now let’s pass the feeling – “The Joy” when surrounded by animals and particularly with pets.

On a shorter note “I can’t trust a person who doesn’t like dogs, but I do trust a dog that doesn’t like a person!”


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Solving your dog’s social needs (2)

About Myself-

How many pets you have?

Currently, a male Husky/Beagle breed back home in Dubai called Django.

A male Dalmatian breed called Messi and a female INDog (Indian pariah dog) breed called Choti at home here in Gwalior. I also have 2 female Dachshund called Sheeba and Choti in Indore at my Grandma’s house.

I never get tired of ___ ? 

Family & dogs

What does every child deserve?

A loving family and a pet (at an early age), I believe it teaches them responsibility and care towards animals.

Every person needs ___ ?


What is something you know you need to stop doing? 

Being skeptical

What is your ideal day?

Wake up and grumble about it being early (yes, is early for me), go to work, have multiple cups of caffeine, work on the computer until 3pm, then back to home, have lunch, play with the dogs until the day has come to an end.

What’s your dream job? 

Working with dogs or doing anything that involves dogs.

If I gave you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world where would you go?


What have you always wanted to do, but never done?

Dive with the Blue Whale

What are you afraid of?

Disappointing the people I love.

What 5 words do you use to describe yourself? 

Honest, Stubborn, Irritable, Trustworthy and the reader can pick the last.

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