Social networking websites Boom or Curse to the Society


Social networking websites Boom or Curse to the Society

In today’s world Social networking websites have become essential elements of life; one can live without food but not without the social networking. Sites like Facebook, Tweeter, My space etc. have gained popularity to the highest level; especially Facebook is quite famous among the people and as soon as they get up the first thing they do is to log on to their social networking website to update their status, photos, check comments and many more things. The people who are most addictive to these sites are the youth, as they feel that these sites will not only make them popular but also make them more trendy and fashionable. Whatever they do in a day is all uploaded on these sites, main reason for people being hooked on to these sites is they stay connected with their family, friends and colleagues. These sites help in remembering birthdays, anniversaries, special days, special achievements etc. of people with whom we are connected. There are people who just keep themselves logged on to the social networking whole day to keep them updated on each and everything and with the introduction of android phone this has become easier for them as now they can access these sites from anywhere. But as they say when anything become popular then it also generate high security alert as destructive elements of the society start using them for their criminal activities.

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P. Narahari, Collector Gwalior

Collector of the city P. Narahari says that all these websites has given a new direction to the world, people are started coming together and they are becoming as one unit through these sites. All these social networking websites are very useful as they not only connect people but also keep them updated. P. Narahari has an account on Facebook and tweeter and he has been connected to all most 13000 people, he added that every day he spend time with these sites and he gets all most 40 messages per day  from people who have problems, collector not only read their problems but also provide the required solution to it. He continued and said that the security provided in these sites are not up to the mark people can copy your picture which is not right so all these things need to be tighten up. There has to be a authority who monitored all the data entered into the sites and make sure that anti-religious and objectionable data should be removed from the sites. Talking about the criminal activities on such sites he said that criminal activities have increased to a great extent on these sites and just because of their popularity, evil brains keep on testing their luck on these sites by hacking into the profile of others. Girls are the most common victims of such crime and keeping this in mind the state police have put lady officers in cyber-cell to tackle incident related to girls. People should realize that social networking sites are very useful if they are used in a proper way.

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UC Sarangi, IG Gwalior

IG (Inspector General of Police) of Gwalior UC Sarangi said that Social networking sites gained their popularity because they provide entertainment, information and best mode of staying connected with friends and family. This unique idea has got the world together and helped in building up good relationship with people across the globe, but it also attract the destructive elements of the society to infiltrate  into the person’s profile and use it for their evil ideas. Most of the victims of such cyber-crime keep mum because they don’t know what to do or where to go, especially girls. To catch such evil brains and to reduce such unwanted activities state police has made a cyber-cell whose head quarter is at Bhopal and regional office in Gwalior, two officers assigned to protect such cyber-crime in the city are ADG and IG. UC Sarangi added that most the cases which come across in this segment is about harassing girl, miss use of identification and if any person fallen victim of such crime can directly contact the local police and their case will be directly assigned to cyber-cell department.

Advocate Vivek Khedkar said that Social networking sites have both good and bad effects, depend on the use of the person. When we talk about social network it’s a sort of a thing which we followed from years, from letters to telephone, from messages to mobile phone and now with social networking websites like Facebook , tweeter etc. all these sites help us to be in touch with our nearer and dearer one. But the draw back with these sites people are now starting to miss use them which is not right, many people create fake profiles and start loading objectionable content on it. If we talk about cyber law in India it is limited and need to be made stronger and more accurate. ITM act (Information and technology) was created in the year 2000 but then it was amended on 27th October 2009 and segments like focusing on information, making digital signature, monitoring cyber cafe, defining the reasonable security and many more added in it. Ruled are made stronger on cyber-terrorism and if any person found guilt will be get the life imprisonment.  He added that security system on this social networking need to be revised and it has to be made in such a way that the data or photographs cannot be copied without the concern person’s agrees to it.

News Credit: Nitin Konde

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