Which smartphone should be your next Android smartphone?



Android phones are amazing and if you are planning to buy a new Android smartphone, here are some of the features that should be on your mind.

  1. Carrier

With so many options available, you should wisely choose a carrier that is best for you. With carrier options, let me remind you that every carrier has some dead spots. So, know the areas where you will be using your phone most of the time. This is important because even some of the most expensive and the best reviewed smartphone will turn out to be terrible if your carrier isn’t supportive. So think before you choose your carrier.

  1. Smartness of your smartphone

Ask yourself a question – is your smartphone as smart as you expected it to be? If yes, go ahead and purchase it. If not, think again and accordingly choose a smartphone that is perfect for you. For example, if you are looking for 4G service, check whether the existing model caters to your need or not. Likewise, if there is another feature that you are looking out for, check whether the same is available to be selected model of not.

  1. Looks

This is even important because there are a number of smartphones available in the market and choosing one of them might be difficult because most of them look different. Unlike an iPhone, Android phones are not alike lot when it comes to looks and design. So before finalising a smart phone be sure that you are attracted to the looks and design of the phone. If not, start hunting for another phone that is attractive.

  1. Upgrade

Wth every smartphone available in the market, you should know that regular updates will be available for your smartphone, and if you cannot upgrade your smartphone, you’ll be stuck with the same version of your selected operating system. So make it a point to chose a smartphone that can be upgraded.

  1. Customisable

With so many versions available of the Android operating system, you might know that not every operating system is totally customizable. So if you are looking for a smartphone that can be totally customized, learn more about the operating systems available for us. However if you are comfortable with the given version of the selected smartphone, skip this point.

  1. 4G service

People across the world are using 4G service, and we all know that if you want to stay updated with the latest available in the technology world, then you should opt for this service. We are sure that if you are one of those who love using the service and you might be using the same in your current smartphone too. So, make it a point to be sure that you get in 4G service in your new Android smartphone.

  1. Design

We have talked about looks, but now we are talking about the design of the Android smartphone. There is a difference between the looks of the Smartphone and the design of the smartphone. The looks of the smartphone might be amazing, but if you are unable to hold it properly in your hand, or you are unable to put it in your pocket, then it might turn out to be a challenge for you. So it is important to be sure that apart from the looks you focus on the design of the smartphone even. With that being said, we do not have to remind you that there are millions of Android Smartphones available in the market and accordingly you will have too many options on hand. With so many options available for you, we are sure that you will find an Android smartphone whose design might be just perfect for you.

  1. Screen size

Yet another factor that can force you to leave behind and amazing Android Smartphone and choose one that is not really the best available product for you. The screen size of your smartphone is important because there are people who are not satisfied with 4 or 4.5-inch smartphone screens. Some have an excuse that they cannot see the same text until and unless the same is displayed on a larger screen. Here we are not talking about the zoom facility, but we are talking about the display size. With that being said, if you know that your excuse is genuine, and you cannot cope up with a smaller screen then you should opt for the right screen size and accordingly choose a smartphone that is perfect for you.

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