Slept while driving, this Ford Mustang guy really had Luck!


Slept while driving, this Ford Mustang guy really had Luck!

After getting unharmed from the crash, Ford Mustang owner Paul Yearley wrote this, “Previously unknown medical condition caused a crash on 4/2/2015. I have never passed out in 26 years, but suddenly passed out. I wasn’t tired, sleepy or anything like that. State Farm decline to pay for the car’s repair, as I was a few hours past the deadline for comprehensive coverage. The vehicle was covered by my truck’s policy, as I had not gotten the Mustang’s title paperwork finished and couldn’t insure it until then.”

He further said, “State Farm has 14 days of uninsured vehicle coverage offered. They also raised my rates and removed my safe driver discount, even though I have never been in an accident that was my fault in 8 years of driving. So that seems a bit unfair. I just hope that I can pay my medical bills, pay the car off, then fix it/get it fixed. Media inquiries please see, as Defy Media has acquired rights to this video. I didn’t want to sell the rights, but it was the only option. I waited over a month before uploading the video.

I also declined interviews, because I want to get over this. I have no wish for fame or fortune. The only reasons I uploaded this was to let my 13 subscribers know why I haven’t uploaded recently and to show that horrible accidents can happen to anyone at any time. People seem hung up on the camera view, but my Duster has had the exact same perspective camera mount since July 2013. This video was not staged, as witness reports and Law Enforcement investigations can attest. The York Sheriff Dept. handled the investigation. After I can get the car repaired and start driving again, you will see more videos from me. I am not giving up! God Bless.”

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