ŠKODA 645 at 30th Wiesbaden vintage car rally


ŠKODA 645 at 30th Wiesbaden vintage car rally

The ŠKODA 645 is an outstanding representative of the prestigious 1920s and 1930s touring saloons. Between 1929 and 1934, a mere 758 units of the ŠKODA 645 were built. In its time, the ŠKODA 645 was typically a chauffeur-driven saloon. ŠKODA presented the model for the first time in Prague during the autumn of 1929.

The 645 starting in Wiesbaden is a four-door saloon from 1930. The vehicle has been in the ŠKODA Muzeum’s collection since 1974 and has taken approximately 3,600 hours to painstakingly restore. “The ŠKODA 645 is a wonderful car and a highlight of the rich history our brand has” says Eva Ticová, restoration workshop manager at the ŠKODA Muzeum. She continues, “Aesthetics and driveability inspire drivers and spectators alike, which will also be the case in Wiesbaden.”

The ŠKODA 645 was named as such at the end of the 1920s with respect to its engine power. The first digit ‘6’ shows the number of cylinders: an in-line, six-cylinder SV with a 2,492 cc displacement providing the propulsion. ‘45’ stands for the horsepower: the powertrain delivers 45 HP at 3.000 rpms. The construction of the vehicle chassis is typical of construction at that time – the body is a composite construction of a wooden frame and metal panels set on a ladder frame.

News Source: Skoda

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