Shivraj Singh Chouhan & Yashodhara Raje Scindia invites NRIs to Madhya Pradesh


Shivraj Singh Chouhan & Yashodhara Raje Scindia invites NRIs to Madhya Pradesh (1)

New York, 2 February 2015: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh is on major economic growth trajectory. Conducive atmosphere for industries and trade prevails there. Referring to projections of international organisations, he said that India’s economic growth rate will soon surpass that of China. Madhya Pradesh will play important role in this.

Chouhan was addressing Friends of MP Conclave in New York last night. The Chief Minister also launched website at the conclave at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center of New York. Industries Minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia, over 3000 NRIs and other distinguished citizens were present on the occasion. The conclave has been organised in pursuance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to states to create Global Talent Pool. Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country to take this initiative.

During his half-hour speech, the Chief Minister said that Madhya Pradesh’s growth rate is 11.08 percent. State’s agriculture growth rate has been 20 percent or above for many years. Chouhan said that self-confidence of Indians and NRIs has increased manifold since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in May 2014. The country has come out of policy paralysis which had become hallmark of previous government. Modi is emerging as not only leader of India, but also as a world leader. On his suggestion, United Nations Organisation has declared June 21 as International Yoga Day.

Chouhan informed that Madhya Pradesh is pioneer in availing benefits of new policy initiatives of Central government. For this, the state government has framed a number of new policies, several existing policies have been amended and Ease of Doing Business has been improved. Referring to the advantages of Madhya Pradesh for investment, the Chief Minister said that the state has good law & order situation, communal harmony, industrial peace and investment-friendly policies. Land bank of 26 thousand hectares has been developed for establishment of industries in Madhya Pradesh. The Chief Minister said that he has implemented single-door policy instead of single-window for convenience of industrialists and investors.

Invitation for Simhastha

The Chief Minister invited NRIs and others to Simhastha to be held at Ujjain next year. Stating about Simhashta’s religious and spiritual importance, Chouhan informed that scholars and thinkers rom all over the world have been invited to Simhastha to deliberate on global problems and challenges. Message for world will be released from Ujjain on the basis of conclusions of these discussions. The Chief Minister invited all to also visit Madhya Pradesh’s religious and tourism destinations.

Industries Minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia

Industries Minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia urged NRIs to become partners in India’s development through investment in Madhya Pradesh. The Industries Minister said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh has scaled new heights by implementing novel schemes in various sectors including agriculture, women and child development, education etc. He has now moved towards industrialization and infrastructure. Scindia urged NRIs to become partners in development of the state through participation in Make in Madhya Pradesh Campaign. Scindia also shared experiences of her years in the US. The Industries Minister also informed about efforts of Chief Minister Chouhan for developing Madhya Pradesh as pioneer state in the country from a sick state.

Rousing welcome

Chief Minster Chouhan was accorded a rousing welcome amidst beating of drums and cheers by NRIs. They were also swaying National Flags. The Chief Minister’s address was interspersed by thunder of applause and slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

NRIs felicitated

The Chief Minister felicitated NRIs for special achievements in various fields. He also referred respectfully to the Indians who have become part of American society. He made special mention of Nobel laureate Dr. Hargobind Khurana and astronaut late Kalpana Chawla. Other prominent American Indians include Indra Nui (Pepsicola), Satya Nadela (Microsoft), Vivek Murthy (US Surgeon General), Nina Davuluri (Last Years’ Miss America) etc. He also made special mention of Tulsi Gabbard, member of US Congress who had taken oath in the name of Gita.

Views of NRIs

NRI Pankaj Nayak attending the conclave belongs to Ujjain. He said that he liked speech of the Chief Minister in which has stressed on economic development and investment side by side important things about culture. I loved the entire speech, he added.

Another participant, 39-years-old software engineer Manish Dube was quite impressed by reference in Chief Minister’s speech about protection of girls and women’s rights. He also expressed happiness over 50 percent reservation to women in local bodies. Manish Dube belongs to Seoni.

IT professionals Lalji Goswami and Pramod Bhagat lauded initiatives taken in Madhya Pradesh during last some years.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan felicitated 2 NRIs at Friends of MP Conclave in New York on Sunday night. All the three are luminaries in their respective fields.

Dr. Nori

Chief Minister Chouhan felicitated Dr. Dattareyudu Nori, who has international reputation as a pioneer and authority in the field of cancer treatment. Prestigious New England Journal of Medicine of the Harvard University has quoted him as “Recognised Leader in his Speciality”. Over the last 4 decades, Dr. Nori has tirelessly devoted himself to improving cancer care of patients. After receiving post-graduation medical degree in India, Dr. Nori joined the world renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in the US in 1976.

At present, Dr. Nori is Professor and Executive Vice-Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology, New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornel Medical Center and New York Hospital Queens and Director of the Cancer Centre at New York Hospital Queens. America-based Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation and several other prestigious institutions have felicitated him. Dr. Nori was also conferred most coveted US award known as “Most Distinguished Physician Award”.

Prof. Manjul Bhargava

The third NRI felicitated by the Chief Minister was Prof. Manjul Bhargava, who is one of the most outstanding, influential and profound mathematicians in our times. He has done researches on algebraic number theory, combinatorics and representation theory. He graduated from Harvard University in 1996 and doctorate from Princeton University in 2001. His PhD thesis has astounded mathematicians.

Prof. Manjul has been felicitated by a number of organisations. He is a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of USA and the Indian National Science Academy. His method of explaining the deepest mathematical truths in a simple and inspiring way is praised everywhere. He teaches mathematics as an art form. Even though he was brought up and educated in the United States, he has deep roots in Indian culture with a love for Indian classical music, Sanskrit and history of Indian mathematics. He remains in constant touch with Indian mathematicians and institutions and often visits them.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan & Yashodhara Raje Scindia invites NRIs to Madhya Pradesh (2)



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