What are Sat phere?



Sat phere or seven circumambulations are taken after making seven rounds around a holy fire. So here are those seven vachan:

1. First round: If you want to become my wife then won’t meet any other unfaithful male, you won’t go to your parents home without telling me and you won’t go to any lonely place.

2: Second round: You won’t go out from home at night and to fill water.

3. Third round: In any worship, prayer, meditation, you will be with me.

4. Fourth round: You won’t do any donation alone, you have to make my involvement.

5. Fifth round: You won’t keep relation with any unfaithful male and you won’t go anywhere alone.

6. Sixth round: You will take me with yourself everywhere, country or foreign.

7. Seventh round: Take my guidance in any work you do.

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