Sarsys SAAB 9-5 friction tester spotted in Gwalior, India


Sarsys SAAB 9-5 Wagon friction tester spotted in Gwalior, India (4)

Spotted in the parking arena of Hotel Landmark, Gwalior, India, the SAAB 9-5 Wagon is a pumped-up front-wheel drive car contributing superlative movability in sequence alongside a satisfying weight class functioning situation for the driver. It believed that this left hand drive car was in the city for some work at Gwalior Airport.

Sarsys SAAB 9-5 Wagon friction tester spotted in Gwalior, India (5)

The Sarsys Friction Tester (SFT), created into the SAAB 9-5  Wagon, is one of the highest leading friction measuring systems on the market. It is chiefly invented for friction calculating on airport runways and taxiways, but can be further used for measuring on roads.

The SFT is prioritized to measure in conformity with regulations issued by authorities such as the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and is invented for both operational and maintenance measuring.

Sarsys SAAB 9-5 Wagon friction tester spotted in Gwalior, India (3)

In the operational position, the vehicle is instantly accessible for a calculating run and a runway friction report is also accessible to airport operations or to traffic control in a span of just a few minutes after the start of the run.

SCANDINAVIAN AIRPORT AND ROAD SYSTEMS AB (SARSYS AB) headquarters with management, sales and production is based in Trelleborg, Sweden. SARSYS is devoted to customer peace of mine and their products are invented to accommodate current and future needs.


  1. Measuring programme in accordance with ICAO and FAA
  2. Approved by FAA and SCAA
  3. Approved and CE-certified (97/37/EG)
  4. EMC tested and approved (EMC/89/336/EEG)
  5. Modern technology and operational efficiency
  6. Excellent ergonomics, fingertip control
  7. Outstanding manœuvrability
  8. Total operator comfort

Photo Credit: Arpan Raut



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