Sameeksha Gupta: Gwalior’s most powerful women 2015


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The Gwalior’s Benefactor

Anywhere in India, you can look at a city and instantly say whether it’s progressing or not. How does this happen? It happens largely because of veteran officials that add up to create the intangible aura of what people call it development and advancement. And the primary veteran official is our very own Mayor, Mrs. Sameeksha Gupta, who stood up and brought quality development projects to the city and setting the pace of Gwalior to a next level.

Gwalior is a city in Madhya Pradesh, India, lying 122 kilometres (76 mi) south of Agra, and 423 kilometres (263 mi) north of Bhopal, the state capital. Gwalior occupies a strategic location in the Gird region of India, and the city and its fortress have served as the center of several of historic northern Indian kingdoms. Gwalior is the administrative headquarters of Gwalior district and Gwalior division. Mrs. Sameeksha Gupta was elected as Mayor in 15 December 2009 and quickly remodelled the image of Gwalior, and made it an emerging city of Madhya Pradesh.

Gwalior’s development philosophy has evolved from Heritage to Modern techniques. Take the Katoratal Road, which carries the air of ancestry culture.  The distinctive working ability of Mrs. Sameeksha has been applauded by all. This establishes an offbeat identity, which is followed by all the subordinates.

Whether you’re discussing it with a government official at an office or with friends at you home, the subject quickly leads to greenery and roads. And Gwalior is becoming a pioneer in offering these as expeditiously.

“Person may come and may go but city of Gwalior and its glory remains forever. Gwalior has witnessed innumerable ups and won still it stands tall. Occupying coveted place and position among other cities of India. When I took up the charge I only had one dream in my mind and that was to see Gwalior shining and glittering like a star. I took up challenge and with my expert team I achieved a beautiful and much upgraded Gwalior.” ~ Sameeksha Gupta


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Theme Road which has become the talk of the town was a dream project of Mayor Sameeksha Gupta, earlier this road which was connected to one of the oldest and most beautiful palaces in the world Jai Vilas Palace, Katora Taal and Chatri was like any other common road of the city; no one ever thought one day it will become the most amazing strip to travel on. Now both sides of the road are covered by lush green trees and with spread green pastures. The beauty of this greenery gets multiplied with the side fencing Dholpur stones carving alongside entire road giving it a rich heritage road look.


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Boat Club is also one of the feathers of shining Gwalior. Earlier Madhya Pradesh Government made many schemes for cleaning the Swarnarekha Lake but the plans were never implemented, Mayor Sameeksha Gupta says that she had seen the transformation of beautiful Swarnrekha Lake into a sewer dumping ground, and deep within she decided to bring it back into its original aquatic form. The place has become so popular that Revolver Rani starring Kangana Ranaut was shot here.


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Gwalior city has become the only city of Madhya Pradesh which has Cycle Track, the project defines the great vision of the Mayor Sameeksha Gupta. Inspired by European countries, Gwalior has separate bicycle tracks along with regular along with the regular road. The primary objective to develop such lanes was to go promote cycling among denizens thereby giving lift to green environment for which various cycle rally events are being organized.


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As the dimensions of Gwalior are changing so are the needs of its wildlife. Giving a comfortable haven to the animals, birds and also the insects GMC which is headed by Mayor has done various activities whihc has made Gandhi Zoological Park a well-equipped clean and comfortable zoo of Madhya Pradesh. New

Under her guidance GMC have given a whole new shape to the zoo by constructing new open peripheries for animals so that they have their free area to roam around. New members like white tiger, hippopotamus, Asiatic Lion, beer and many more species have added new spark to the museum. Mayor Sameeksha Gupta says, “I am an animal lover so for me carving the zoo and making it more comfortable not only for visitors but for animals was among the top priorities. I took several meeting with the concern officials and inspected the zoo many times in order to get everything places. I felt that there is big need for open periphery for animals as most of them were kept in cage and they have very small area to roam around so we created open peripheries for them and this attracted many visitors in fact now 80% of the people who visit Gwalior go to zoo and this is a big achievement for us.”


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Apart from development of infrastructure Gwalior is going great in the field of sports as Gwalior has international cricket stadium, Hockey stadium, and sports complex. Municipal Corporation organised various sports events like swimming, cricket tournament, badminton competition and many more in order to give a solid platform to the young talented players of the city so that they bring laurels to the city. One of the most talked about event of national game Hockey Scindia Gold Cup is sponsored by GMC. In this tournament some of the big teams of the game like Railways, Air India, SAI Academy, ONGC and many more participate and they are backed up by massive crowd.


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Mayor Sameeksha Gupta focusing on health says that along with infrastructure development in the form of parks, roads, flyovers etc. we are also concentrating on health of the citizens and for that we have already started our service of door to door garbage collection as this is the main reason for health hazards, we are also organising various health camps for free check-ups on regular bases.


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Promoting gender equality mayor strongly supports CM’s initiative of Ladli Laxmi Yojna. Under this initiative female students who are below poverty level are getting free quality education. Mayor is an ardent believer of these lines that single educated women is capable of educating entire family.

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Mayor Sameeksha Gupta with Indian actress and politician Hema Malini

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Mayor Sameeksha Gupta welcoming 12th President of India Pratibha Devisingh Patil

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Mayor Sameeksha Gupta welcoming 15th and current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

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Mayor Sameeksha Gupta greets 18th and current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan

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Mayor at ‘Run for Unity’ race

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Mayor distributing blankets

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