Safari Storme face to face with Scorpio in Love


Safari Storme face to face with Scorpio with Love

It’s the sport utility vehicles. Welcome to the Tata Safari Storme and Mahindra Scorpio (yes, old model): a off-roaders that can, and a utility vehicle with one. But then, the whole 4×4 universe in India revolves around these boys nowadays, we herded these boys together and went mucking about to the hill sides of the Gwalior city in the Good Friday morning. We decided to go back to basics, and make these boys struggle for what they are made for.

‘What was best,off-road and on tarmac? The results undermined some of our deepest prejudices’

We wanted to look at the whole spectrum of 4×4 biodiversity, which is why we used an Safari and a Scorpio. In the  tougher camp, Safari Storme makes its entry and into delicate camp, Scorpio feels the best.

Car Courtesy: Rahul Singh (Tata Safari Storme) and Ashish Tomar (Mahindra Scorpio)

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