Rolls-Royce opens third showroom in India


Rolls-Royce opens third showroom in India

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ presence in India continues to grow with the official opening of a third showroom in the South Indian commercial capital of Hyderabad, following the appointment of its authorised dealer, Kun Motoren Private Limited to represent Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hyderabad.

Situated on the second floor of Kun Motoren’s luxury car hub in Hyderabad, the 5,400 square foot, three-car showroom also boasts a carefully crafted bespoke lounge where customers are able to select the intimate detailing of their Rolls-Royce car.

Rolls-Royce opens third showroom in India

Paul Harris, Asia Pacific Regional Director said, “We are excited to be working with Kun Motoren as our dealer partner in a region rich with Rolls-Royce history and passion for the brand. Establishing a new retail facility will allow us to reach our customers with the same high standards available elsewhere in the country. The new showroom conforms to the brand’s latest global standards, and is both an impressive and luxurious space.

Legend has it that the former Nizam of Hyderabad – famously named as the all-time richest Indian, and the one of the wealthiest men to have ever lived – owned over 50 Rolls-Royce motor cars. This colourful history, our current customer base and continued level of demand is why Hyderabad was the natural choice for this new showroom.”

Rolls-Royce cars are the epitome in super-luxury motoring. Customers can now visit the new showroom and bring their personal, creative desires to life. Each car is designed with the bespoke capabilities only Rolls-Royce craftsmanship can offer.

Vasanthi Bhupati, Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hyderabad said: “We are committed to delivering beautiful hand-built motor cars to our highly successful customers. In this elegant new showroom, customers can enjoy the creative process that comes with commissioning each and every Rolls-Royce vehicle. We are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter in Rolls-Royce history.”

Herfried Hasenoehrl, Rolls-Royce General Manager for Emerging Markets Asia added: “Today we see yet another extension of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presence in India. I am happy we have partnered with Kun Exclusive, whose excellent track record bodes well for its role as new ambassadors for Rolls-Royce’s return to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.”

We expect Kun to set a benchmark for our customers in the state, with its track record of excellent customer attention and service.”

Rolls-Royce opens third showroom in India

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