Roaring Toyz grooves 2011 Kawasaki Vaquero


Roaring Toyz grooves 2011 Kawasaki Vaquero

Before long a brand new Vaquero arrived in at the Roaring Twinz shop in Sarasota Florida with instructions from Kawasaki to have it customized and ready to display at Daytona Bike Week in less than 14 days. Customizing a bike isn’t exactly a quick project, especially when dealing with a brand new bike where all custom parts need to be created from scratch. Robert and his crew of technicians saw the Vaquero project as a great challenge and pulled out all the stops to build it into an amazingly cool bike in just two weeks. Roaring Twinz had a vision for the bike which included fitting a larger 21” front wheel to amplify an already very attractive bike. They also needed to add a whole slew of custom parts, a custom paintjob, airbag suspension and a killer stereo system. All of this using parts that didn’t exist and a deadline that was ambitious to say the least.

Price: Rs. 14.92 lacs

Website: Roaring Toyz

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