Review of Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way


Review of Chakra Chronicles of the Witch Way (1)

We can’t disagree from the fact that as youngsters we all were fond of fantasy stories related to gods, goddesses, magicians, and supernatural powers. All such stories captured our heart and mind and entertained us in our childhood days, but then we grew up, and lost interest. Indian market has yet to see good books in this particular genre, which can hold the youth attention till the end too.

Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way, the third book by the famous blogger and author Ritu Lalit appealed to me since the very start. Its cover particularly aroused my interest which led me to pick it. Ritu Lalit has herself quoted in many of her interviews that she was inspired by the tales of rishis and munis her grandmother used to tell her when she was a kid and it is very much evident from the book.

Review of Chakra Chronicles of the Witch Way (2)

Ritu Lalit

In her own words from the ‘Acknowledgements’, “In hot Delhi summers, when we sat in the verandah of my grandmother’s home, inhaling the fragrance of mogra flowers and drinking chilled milk flavoured with roohafzah, Naani would tell us tales of rishis and munis. My particular favourite was Sage Durvasa who would curse at the drop of a hat, and his curses would actually come true! I was impressed and I still am.”

But if you analyze properly all these stories, you will realize that only the male characters were given greater purview and focus there. Therefore, it’s very impactful that almost on the same powerful platform, Ritu Lalit gave a new dimension to the concept of making the woman the central character, and the story moves on while keeping the woman in limelight and narrating the incidents related to her life. Not only woman acquired a center stage, but she dominated the story. Sharp-witted and wickedly humorous narrative made the book gripping and engrossing, enfolding the readers into its realm as it moved further swiftly.

The quality is nice too. Author’s Empire Publication has given ample time to the editing process which is clearly being reflected. Not only the editing is flawless, but the paper quality and content is remarkable too. Ritu Lalit in collaboration with Author’s Empire Publication have left a mark with Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way.

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