Rendezvous: Yashodhara Raje Scindia


Rendezvous Yashodhara Raje Scindia (2)

Jivaji Rao Cotton Mills is shut from past 20 years. But for this matter, there were no questions ever raised in parliament, what is the condition of the labour and where is the fund? What is its solution?

For Jivaji Rao Cotton Mills we have done several meetings. When I became parliamentarian in 2007, I had talks with respected Narendra Singh Tomar in order to reach its solution. The situation got worse when unions refused to take the severance package from the bosses of the mill. Now after both sides standoff it has went to BIFR (Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction), and once it has went to BIFR as it was a private mill, MP government cannot interfere much into it. But we are very much concerned about this matter and we are still trying to talk to find its solution.

There has been no question ever raised in parliament about Gwalior-Guna rail line project and about the development of Gwalior. Why?

You are little mistaken about this, Gwalior-Guna rail line project has been floundered in parliament many times and only one portion is left now of Gwalior-Itawa side, otherwise all your rail line has been developed. Whereas I am also a member of Railways Committee from Parliament, we have raised this question many times that when this project will get completed. This initiative to develop Gwalior-Guna rail line was taken by respected honourable brother Madhavrao Scindia, so that’s why I can never forget this matter as it is attached with my brother. As we talk about Gwalior development, there have been talks about to make Morar Cantonment area as Civil area from past 50 years, after my 1 year of work it has been now declared as civil area. We have also opened a Women Hockey Academy in Kampoo.

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