Renault Twizy to settle down your cargo needs


Renault Twizy to settle down your cargo needs (1)

Twizy Cargo is an eminently functional vehicle developed by Renault Tech in cooperation with Renault Sport Technologies. It has the huge advantage of a watertight boot with a capacity of 180l (75 kg), accessible via a rear door that opens to 90°. This conversion was made possible by adapting the cut-out of the rear end and doing away with the passenger seat. The front seat is still moveable, and the door features a locking system that works with the ignition key.


MA L6e
MB L7e
TypeLight quadricycle, limited to 45 kphHeavy quadricycle, limited to 80 kph
Homologated range120 km (urban cycle ECE-15)100 km (urban cycle ECE-15)
Power5 hp17 hp
Real rangeAround 80 km in eco-drivingand 50 km in extreme conditions of use
Vehicle dimensions l x w x h2 338 x 1 237 x 1 454 mm
Boot dimensions550 mm (d) x 500 mm (l) x 950 mm (h)
Boot capacity180 l
Max load75 kg
Unladen weight347 kg375 kg
Kerb weight446 kg474 kg
Number of places1
Prices incl. VATINR 6.29 lacsINR 6.84 lacs
Prices excl. VATINR 5.26 lacsINR 5.73 lacs

News Source: Renault

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