Renault Scala: Germinated Sunny


Renault Scala Germinated Sunny

The design of the new Renault Scala is a perfect blend of sophistication and dynamism. The bold attitude of the front, with a two-tone sporty front bumper, chrome finished radiator grille and smoked-styled headlamps make the vehicle domineering and dynamic. The rear signature tail lamp with the connecting wide chrome strip, coupled with its clean uncluttered lines, gives the
Renault Scala a stance of stability and premiumness. With its long proportion, soft and sweeping silhouette, the vehicle projects an image of energy and elegance. Step into the new Renault Scala. Step up in life.

Renault Scala Germinated Sunny

RxE Petrol and RxL Petrol: XH2 | 498cc | 99PS | 134Nm | Fuel Tank: 41 litre | 1005kg | 14kpl

RxL Diesel and RxZ Diesel: Renault K9K | 1461cc | 86PS | 200Nm | 1080kg | 16kpl

Renault Scala Germinated Sunny

Colours: Solid Black | Pearl White | Metallic Silver | Metallic Blue | Metallic Red

Price: RxE Petrol: Rs 7.23 lac | RxL Petrol: Rs 8.12 lac | RxL Diesel: Rs 8.95 lac | RxZ Diesel: 9.90 lac (ex-showroom Gwalior)

Renault Scala Germinated Sunny Renault Scala Germinated Sunny

Website: Renault India

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