Ravishing Ferrari 458 in PUR Wheels


Ravishing Ferrari 458 in PUR Wheels

Your Ferrari 458 will look vastly beautiful if try these PUR design wheels. You see it increases the shapeliness of Ferrari 458. Having soundly beaten the design theories of wheels, PUR Monoblock 4OUR seems to get into a whole new level. Its an evolutionary design with brilliant curves that seems to play with the attitude of concavity. You have¬†hopelessly¬†562bhp under the hood of your car and to your disbelief 458 can reach 325kph, and when reaching to that won’t you like that your wheels shine and make people more anxious?

Currently showing: PUR Design 4OUR Monoblock

Fitment: 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

Color: Modern Black | Lumiere Grey | Custom

Finish: Matte | High Gloss

Website: PUR Wheels



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