Rape the roads with Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse


Rape the roads with Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The Veyron GSV is foreboding. This is the wildest Veyrons of all time, and the time hasn’t diluted its ability to shock too. It isn’t pretty, but it’s pretty amazing, a solid hunk of carbon whose body flows in an almost seamless, slightly porcine arc.   It’s hand-made tyres cost Rs. 17 lakh a set and the pressure can reach 3.6 bar (equal to a steam boiler) at high speed. The GSV is approximately 200bhp more powerful than the regular Grand Sport, thanks to the fitment of larger turbochargers (four of them) and  new intercoolers. There are new fuel pumps (four of those, too), borrowed from the SS, to handle the GSV’s even more lunatic combustion requirements. Also to increase your knowledge, this psychotic machine features W16 with 1,187bhp and 1,492Nm of torque. That’s marvelous job, because this is a roadster that will do 408kph (limited).

Price: Rs. 12 crore (excluding taxes and duties)

Image Credit: ikeya 14•2•1

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