Rangdarshini: Uncommon Design. Unimaginable Style

Rangdarshini Uncommon Design. Unimaginable Style

Meet the founders: Nidhi Verma and Shubhra Tiwary

Offering a true furnishing solutions with a personal shopper attitude and is attracting people from all walks of life. 

There is a one big problem with extraordinariness. If you are subjected to it every single day, if it it is accessible to you as the flick of your thumb, it becomes rather ordinary. If you wear Roberto Cavalli every day, or wake up to the sight of a glorious ocean by your window every morning, you will never think of those things as special.

Like the Rangdarshini. Their collection is so mild, so usable, so practical, nobody will ever believe it can lash the leading designers worldwide. With range of cushion covers, bed sheets, table covers, runners, table mats, dining table covers, towels, baby products, on-request products, this exclusive design store seems to have outdone every one of its rivals. It all started after Shubhra and Nidhi planned to start a boutique during a coffee meet at Café Coffee Day. Shubhra has always been into designing and Nidhi joined in so as to keep herself occupied. Shubhra says, “The fabric we use is 100% Egyptian cotton, we first get the design on paper, after the colour combination, we buy the raw materials. We recently did an exhibition at Hotel Radisson, Delhi, and ended up selling 50% of our stuff.” Speaking on the clientele, Nidhi said, “We are already getting orders from UK, US, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. In Gwalior we have about 15 permanent customers. We are also taking corporate and bulk order”. In the end Shubhra says, “We are majorly into hand embroidery, which is our USP (Unique Selling Proposition).’

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