Priyadarshini Raje Scindia: Gwalior’s most powerful women


Priyadarshini Raje Scindia Gwalior's most powerful women

From the list of “The Gwalior’s most powerful women” by SouLSteer Magazine.
Priyadarshini Raje Scindia, Educationist

The chief of The Gwalior Heritage Foundation and Maharaja Sir Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum. Priyadarshini is the wife of Scindia scion and Union Minister of State of Power Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia. She hails from the royal Gaekwad Maratha family of Baroda. Her mother belonged to the Rana dynasty from Nepal.

Priyadarshini transformed Usha Kiran Palace into a Hotel after moving from Mumbai to Gwalior. Thereafter, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces took over the management of the hotel and is now regarded as the most luxurious hotel of Gwalior. She was also engaged in the restoration of Jai Vilas Mahal and regular events which are standardized at the Jiwaji Rao Scindia museum are under her supervision.

She has used the advancement of music, arts and dramatics as podium to influence youth from distinct religious and socio-economic cultures, likewise differently able, to build up kinship and artistic strength. In 2011, the University of Westminster greeted her as the Patron of their influential and world prominent Scholarship Programme.

She was on Verve’s India’s Best Dressed list of 2008, Luxpresso list of “The Most Fashion Forward Royals” of the world and Femina magazine included her in the list of “India’s 50 Most Beautiful Woman”.

“I understood now why my husband was so passionate about reaching out to the people. For my family, being royalty is secondary”, Priyadarshini Raje Scindia (quoted from an interview with Verve)

(In the picture, Priyadarshini Raje Scindia, her daughter Ananya Raje Scindia and her husband Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia)

The article is a part of SouLSteer list of “The Gwalior’s Most Powerful Women 2015”.

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