Prices announced, Scion 10 Series starts at $18,1555


Prices announced, Scion 10 Series starts at $18,1555

The limited-production Scion 10 Series features a unique version of each vehicle in the Scion lineup to mark 10 years of its passion-driven car-making. Each model is painted a premium color, Silver Ignition, with matching silver seat belts and carries through the anniversary theme through unique interior and exterior touches. All Scion 10 Series models will feature the Scion Standard Display Audio with 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen.

Scion will produce 10,000 Scion 10 Series vehicles total, which will begin arriving in dealerships in June.

Scion Full Pricing Chart

6223 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (MT) $19,210
6222 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (AT) $20,210
6242 SCION iQ 3-DOOR HATCHBACK $15,665

Scion 10 Series Editions

6229 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (MT) $21,440
6228 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (AT) $22,440
6248 SCION iQ 3-DOOR HATCHBACK $17,850
6239 SCION xD (MT) $18,155
6238 SCION xD (AT) $18,955
6209 SCION xB (MT) $19,210
6208 SCION xB (AT) $20,160
6259 SCION FR-S 2-DOOR COUPE (MT) $27,425
6258 SCION FR-S 2-DOOR COUPE (AT) $28,675

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