Prateek Shukla becomes the second youngest Indian to write a book on hacking


Prateek Shukla becomes the second youngest Indian to write a book on hacking

At the age of 18, when kids are trying to pass their exams and get a college, Prateek Shukla has authored a book on hacking and cracking. Before he penned down his book, he was an active member of the blogging community and his blog has more than 5000 followers. It was the appreciation he got from his blog that made him write his first novel.

The novel, “The Unrevealed Secrets of Hacking and Cracking: Hack Before You Get Cracked” was a product of the praises people gave him and also because of the fact that India lags behind in this field. It is not only because people or the youth is not interested in this field but the course that are available are too expensive and not accessible everywhere. He wanted to encourage the youth to get in this field without needing to shell huge amount of money.

Prateek, along with his co-author, Navneet Mehra, has tried to put a beginner’s manual in form of this book. It has information about hackers and what it means to be one. In no way, they have tried to promote cracking or illegal use of the information provided in the book. Instead, they have tried to give a book that will help you in safe guarding your network and data.

Prateek Shukla becomes the second youngest Indian to write a book on hacking

Prateek Shukla

The book has information about Information Security, including IT Security, Data Security, Network Security, Internet Security, Penetration Testing, Cryptography and Laws governing the cyberspace. They have given a complete book where all the terms related to hacking be it a hacker, crackers or a grey hat, have been described and in words which are understood by a regular Joe.

They have not tried to go overboard but have given nuggets of the information, completed with diagrams and flow charts. It is both educational and interesting. It shows both the skills of amateur writer, Prateek Shukla and the experience of Navneet Mehra.

Where Prateek is yet to finish school, Navneet Mehra has worked as an IT consultant and has a unique experience in the field of network security and hacking. He has also authored five books prior to this, including Hackers Beware: A Guide to Protect Your PC. He is an active member of Anti-Hacking Welfare Society and Cyber Crime Awareness Society.

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