Poetry of the Senses: Mr. and Mrs. Soni


Poetry of the Senses Mr. and Mrs. Soni

Poonam Soni and Rakesh Soni

Owner, Janak Boutique and Industrialist

Know thy Partner

Poonam and Rakesh try and guess each other’s likes and dislikes

Favourite Food

Poonam: Saag Mutton (correct)

Rakesh: Chicken (correct)

Favourite Perfume

Poonam: Calvin Klein One (correct)

Rakesh: CK one, we use the same (correct)

Mountains or Beaches

Poonam: Mountains (correct)

Rakesh: Mountains (correct)

‘Private’ Practice

Who takes longer to get dressed?

Poonam: He takes time.

Rakesh: When I am getting ready, I don’t want to hurry up; I check what’s right or not. People who expect I should get dressed right, I have to live up their expectations. I like to be a perfectionist.

Who has more shoes?

Poonam: I think we have equal.

Rakesh: No no, she has more.

Who turns off the lights?

Poonam: He does, because switches are near to him.

Rakesh: I do bigger and smaller things to make her happy. I tell people relationship and happiness, they are made of small bits.

Make-up tactic after a fight…

Poonam: We don’t fight even.


How did you guys meet?

Rakesh: It’s a fully hundred percent arranged marriage. We endorsed parents decision.

What attracted you to each other?

Poonam: It was his sensitive and caring nature.

Rakesh: I appreciated infound qualities in her.

One thing you love about each other?

Poonam: His total commitment.

Rakesh: She used that word, I cannot use any other.

What annoys you about each other?

Poonam: Nothing. We would be fighting if we get annoyed.

Are you die-hard romantics?

Poonam: Definitely.

Rakesh: I can make a poem for her and recite, it happens sometime. I am happy that I am able to convey my affection to her.

Plans for the future?

Rakesh: I believe in day to day planning. We let almighty to plan whatever is best for us.

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