Poetry of the Senses: Mr. and Mrs. Singh


Poetry of the Senses Mr. and Mrs. Singh

Sunaina Singh and Harmeet Singh

Housewife/ Director,Singer

Know thy Partner

Who takes longer to get dressed?

Sunaina: Definitely Harmeet

Harmeet: I think it’s otherwise

Who has more shoes?

Harmeet: Hands down Sunaina

Who turns off the lights?

Harmeet: Sunaina Does.

Make-up tactic after a fight…

Harmeet: We both hate fights and find it difficult to stay angry. Usually an after hour ice cream or a long drive does the trick. Sometimes a diamond ring also works wonders.


How did you guys meet?

Harmeet: Ours is a complete Bollywood story. We met each other online but our first conversation ended in a fight. So marriage was the last thing we thought we’d end up in. But one thing led to another, and after 2 months of endless phone conversations, sometimes phone calls would be the whole night long, we met finally. It was just stars doing all the work, we didn’t have to try very hard. We knew we were meant for each other. Sunaina is a complete family person and I was her perfect match. Love come arranged, marriage is the best thing to have happened to us.

What attracted you to each other?

Sunaina: Harmeet is a very well balanced man. When I first spoke to him, I instantly knew he has a firm head over his shoulders. Ofcourse, he’s a charmer, and every girl falls for that!!

Harmeet: Sunaina has complete faith and trust in whatever I do or say, that’s what keeps me attracted to her, knowing she will always be by my side, keeps me in love with her.

One thing you love about each other?

Sunaina: He is a very warm person; makes you feel loved even when you are in the middle of a fight. Makes you feel special all the time.

Harmeet: She is very chilled-out. No stubborn or fixed notions about anything. Gives me freedom to do things my way.

What annoys you about each other?

Sunaina: He is super organised! Everything has to be in order and the only thing that annoys me.

Harmeet: She is not so organised, one thing that makes me irritable. I like things to be done in a particular order.

Who proposed and what was it like?

Sunaina: Harmeet insists he proposed, but it was more like telling me ” I am marrying you”… but however it was, it still is very special.

Did marriage change you?

Sunaina: Ofcourse marriage changes you. In terms of a particular routine now, always keeping in mind your partner”s feelings and desires. But luckily, we have never felt burdened to do anything. It’s always come naturally to us. That’s why they say, marrying the right person can make your life heaven and so is the case with us.

Where does your relationship stand today?

Sunaina: On a serious note.. we have known each other for three years and these have been the best years of our lives. We thank god every day for this beautiful relationship, and now with the birth of our son, Aayaan. We feel closer and marriage much stronger.

Harmeet: At the top of Mount Everest!!

Are you die-hard romantics?

Harmeet: Yes!! We both are… rest are bedroom secrets.

Plans for the future?

Sunaina: Harmeet is busy with his music, you have recently heard his music in top banner movies like Kya Super Kool Hain Hum, OMG, Paan Singh Tomar etc. and you will be hearing a lot of it in the near future.

Harmeet: She doesn’t believe in planning, live each day to its best, who knows about tomorrow.

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